The purpose of the ELO Entrepreneurial Leader Award to recognize the track record of a person(s) who can serve as an inspiration to others to pursue Christian entrepreneurial leadership.

To be eligible, a nominee must be the founder, co-founder, and primarily responsible for the performance of the company, and an active member of the management team.

Thank you very much for your interest in nominating a suitable candidate for the ELO Entrepreneurial Leader Award.

Criteria for Identifying a Suitable Nominee

  • Exemplifies the qualities of entrepreneurial leadership that are embedded in a Christian worldview
  • International stature with significant influence
  • Long-term influence in their chosen profession, whether directly or indirectly related to Christian ministry
  • Success in business based on a thorough assessment of financial performance, strategic direction and product or service innovation
  • Community involvement, whether church, para-church or philanthropic activities
  • Outstanding reputation for integrity in terms of living out faith
  • The person must be a role model to inspire other entrepreneurs to others to greater heights of significance


  • Awarded at the Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference, hosted by the Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (ELO)
  • The Recipient must be present at and participate in the Conference in order to be eligible for and receive the Award.      
  • The Recipient becomes a lifetime “Honorary Advisor” to the ELO
  • ELO will cover the recipient’s travel, accommodation and related expenses
  • The recipient must be in agreement with the objectives of the Vision, Mission & Values of the ELO (as per www.entrepreneurialleaders.com).
  • The recipient is required to give the keynote address at the Conference.


  • Nominations are only considered when received by members of the ELO network.
  • All nominations for the award must be received by January 31st.
  • The ELO makes a final decision as to recipient of the award no later than February 28th.
  • Nominations for the ELO Award are reviewed by an independent judging panel comprised of distinguished business leaders drawn from the ELO Advisory Board (see www.entrepreneurialleaders.com).

You may make a nomination online or download the file below.

  Entpreneurial Leaders Award Nomination Form
Forward Information to: 
Dr. Rick Goossen, 
Chairman, Advisory Board, 
Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization
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