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Network, connect, learn, and grow with other local Christian business leaders and entrepreneurs.



In the ELO Peer Advisory Groups, we prioritize and focus greatly on networking. There are many opportunities throughout the year to meet as a group in person, gather virtually to watch leadership expert sessions, attend ELO conferences and programs, and receive individualized coaching from a business advisor. See below to view a summary of networking opportunities that Peer Advisory Group membership provides.


Peer Advisory Board MeetingsMembers of a group meet together with their group chair

Learning Review

Introduce & Discuss Issues as a Group


Leadership Expert Sessions - Includes all groups in the network

Leadership Expert Session with Guest Presenter

Group Discussion & Debrief with all members in the network


1:1 Reviews - Organized between individual members and group Chair

Member Introduces Issues to Chair

Discussion of Issues & Begin to Devise Plans


ELO Forums - Business conferences in three Canadian cities

Listen to expert presenters throughout one day

Network and connect with other local business leaders


ELO Leadership Programs - A One-Week Executive Education Experience

Travel to Oxford to learn from expert speakers throughout one week

Network and connect with other business leaders from around the world


SUMMARY - Total Networking Opportunities for Members in One Year

6          Peer Advisory Group Meetings

6          Leadership Expert Sessions

5          1:1 Coaching Sessions

3          ELO Forums

1          ELO Leadership Programs

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