The ELO Network


The Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (ELO) was started in 2005 by Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen with a mission to become the world’s leading organization to connect, equip, and celebrate Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders. Since then, we have created ways to bring Christian CEOs, senior executives, and business leaders together to learn and grow. We do this through offering our annual ELO Oxford Leadership Program, our Peer Advisory Groups, ELO Forums, family business consulting, and providing free resources on our website.

 The network header 2024ELO provides the world’s premier executive education and training for Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders. We are both global and local. On one level, ELO is a global network and is thriving in North America, Asia and Europe. On another level, ELO is local in that it only succeeds because of grassroots support in each community in which it is present. In addition, ELO draws on the support of leading business people in major centres around the world.

 Why we exist header 2024ELO organizes premier events to bring together all entrepreneurial leaders from throughout the Christian spectrum for synergistic difference-making. The vision of ELO is that, through collaborative effort, we can have an exponential impact. We invite you to be part of this collective undertaking whereby Christians magnify their difference-making capacity in our world.



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Peer Advisory Groups

ELO’s Peer Advisory Groups are comprised of Christian CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders from across Canada. These groups help Christian business leaders learn, grow, and find meaning in their businesses. By meeting with other likeminded leaders and peers from non-competing industries, members are able to sharpen their entrepreneurial spirit and hone their skills as leaders.      


ELO Leadership Program

The ELO Leadership Program is a is a week long learning experience for senior executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs from around the globe held in Oxford, UK. Expert guest presenters teach throughout the week and mealtimes are spent connecting and networking with a great cohort of peers.        


ELO Forums

ELO Forums are the single most important annual events for Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders in their respective cities. Our conferences are one-day events where business leaders and executives can network and connect with others, gain more understanding about their calling, and learn from a great roster of presenters.       


Business Consulting

We help family businesses, entrepreneurs, and business owners succeed through transition, governance, and strategy solutions. We offer business counsel to help your business navigate difficult issues so that you may thrive as a company.      



The ELO Webinars are an outgrowth of the circumstance we are in as a global community. By gathering virtually through the ELO Webinars, we are able to meet and learn together even in the midst of a pandemic.



The purpose of the ELO blog is to offer a Christian perspective on various approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership, and meaning at work from around the world. Here, we highlight key ELO events, interviews, and initiatives to support ELO’s vision.



Vision and mission header 2024Our vision is to become the world’s leading organization to connect, equip, and celebrate Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders.

We aim to fulfill our vision by providing conferences and courses to equip and connect Christian leaders, by creating a website that offers resources for entrepreneurship, and by publishing articles and blogs to educate others about ELO and what we are working towards pursuing.


 Values header 2024

Innovation - we strive to embody the qualities of an entrepreneurial organization, focused on innovation that is related to serving ELO's constituency of Christian entrepreneurial leaders.

Independence - we provide high-quality, credible, independent activities that facilitate the pursuit of ELO's vision and mission.

Excellence - we pursue excellence by working with the world’s top thought leaders and most prestigious and influential institutions and organizations in order to be best of its class in focused activities.

Inclusivity - we collaborate and work synergistically with a broad array of denominations, para-church organizations, commercial enterprises, and academic institutions in order to achieve our own mission and to facilitate that of others.

Convictions - The existence of ELO underscores the importance to entrepreneurs themselves, the church, and the marketplace of the positive impact of equipped, connected, and inspired Christian entrepreneurial leaders.