Entrepreneurial Leaders Award

David and Cheryl Koop


The Entrepreneurial Leaders Award is a prestigious award given to a notable entrepreneur at the Canadian ELO Forums in Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Toronto. 



General - Entrep Leader Award


The purpose of the ELO Entrepreneurial Leader Award to recognize the track record of a person(s) who can serve as an inspiration to Christian entrepreneurs and marketplace leaders around the world.

The Entrepreneurial Leader Award is presented regularly at the annual ELO Forums in Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Toronto.

To be eligible, a nominee must be the founder, co-founder, and primarily responsible for the performance of the company, and an active member of the management team.

Criteria for Identifying a Suitable Nominee

  • Exemplifies the qualities of entrepreneurial leadership that are embedded in a Christian worldview
  • International stature with significant influence
  • Long-term influence in their chosen profession, whether directly or indirectly related to Christian ministry
  • Success in business based on a thorough assessment of financial performance, strategic direction and product or service innovation
  • Community involvement, whether church, para-church or philanthropic activities
  • Outstanding reputation for integrity in terms of living out faith
  • The person must be a role model to inspire other entrepreneurs to others to greater heights of significance

Entrepreneurial Leader Award

  • Awarded at the Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference, hosted by the ELO Network.
  • The Recipient must be present at and participate in the Conference in order to be eligible for and receive the Award.      
  • The Recipient becomes a lifetime “Honorary Advisor” to the ELO.
  • The recipient must be in agreement with the objectives of the Vision, Mission & Values of the ELO.
  • The recipient is required to give the keynote address at the Conference.