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Get peer input, 1:1 coaching, network with other Christians in the business industry, and find meaning in your leadership.

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  • Individualized, one-on-one coaching reviews from a Christian business advisor.
  • Leadership Expert sessions with guest presenters on relevant topics surrounding Christian business and practice.
  • Group discussions and business presentations with peers comprised of Christian CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders.
  • Unique and personal content focused on the dimensions of character and leadership.


About the groups header 2024 Peer Advisory Groups are comprised of Christian senior executives, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders from across Canada. These groups help Christian business leaders learn, grow, and find meaning in their businesses. By meeting with other likeminded leaders and peers from non-competing industries, members are able to hone in on their entrepreneurial spirit and sharpen their skills as leaders. By meeting with our professional business advisors and global expert presenters, members are able to learn how to prosper in their business practices and as Christians in the marketplace. All meeting conversations are fully confidential, allowing members to candidly share their business concerns and receive helpful advice and insights from their peers. Through our Groups, members collaborate to work through their business issues and concerns, gaining helpful advice and insights from one another. 


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How big are the groups?

There are 10-15 members per group. This amount encourages close connections while maintaining a variety of other business leaders to network with. Groups are created based on members' geographical location, as we aim to meet for in-person meetings as frequently as possible. 

How often do the groups meet?

Leadership Expert sessions alternate every month with Peer Advisory Board Meetings. 1:1 Reviews occur every two months. This spacing allows busy business leaders to participate in all meetings and ensures they are staying well connected with their groups.

Is this a paid membership?

Yes, annual payment is required to be a member of our Peer Advisory Groups.




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