N.T. Wright: Racism, Christians & Leadership


ELO Podcast 

Systemic racism, recently highlighted in police brutality in the case of George Floyd in Minnesota, has ignited massive protests in the US, Canada and around the world. Citizens are angered by chronic issues, anchored in racial divides, which are not resolved—and meanwhile, injustice continues. These events have caused deep soul-searching and a desire to create effective and long-lasting change. In these circumstances, how can Christians and their institutions proactively be difference-makers? How to not only respond but to lead? How have churches and Christians contributed to or supported systemic racism?

ELO hosted a live Q&A with Professor NT Wright addressing “Racism, Christians & Leadership.” Prof. Wright highlights “what we now call racism is not simply for Christians a failure to obey one or other moral standards such as “love our neighbours as ourselves”. It is deeper than that. It is a failure of vocation. The church of the anointed Jesus was designed from the start to be a worldwide family. God’s new model of human life.” Dr. Rick Goossen and Prof. Wright engaged in a Q & A addressing how Christian leaders can reimagine and practice as Prof Wright says, our glorious vocation; to be in our personal and corporate lives small working models of the ultimate new creation which God has promised.

Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen, Chairman, Advisory Board, ELO Group and Strategic Counsel, Nicola Wealth. Dr. Goossen interviewed Dr. NT Wright, posing questions and fielding questions from a live audience.




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