Dr. Katy Granville-Chapman & Emmie Bidston - Leadership: What's love got to do with it?

Co-Speaker: Dr. Katy Granville-Chapman, Co-founder Global Social Leaders and Founder of Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute, Reading, UK


About the presenter:

Dr. Katy Granville-Chapman is an associate fellow of the Oxford Character Project, a Doctoral Teaching Fellow at Oxford University’s Department of Education, and a Research Associate at the Oxford University Wellbeing Research Centre. Katy is the co-author, with Emmie Bidston, of Leader: Know, Love, and Inspire Your People, which was runner up and Highly Commended in the Business Book Awards ‘leadership book of the future’ and longlisted for CMI Management Book of the Year. She is the co-founder of Global Social Leaders, a movement of young people in 105 countries who design and lead social action projects that make a meaningful change in their communities. Katy is a former British Army Officer and holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford which focused on leadership and flourishing.

Emmie Bidston headshot

Co-Speaker: Emmie Bidston, Associate Fellow of Oxford Character Project, Reading, UK


About the presenter:

Emmie Bidston is an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Character Project. Emmie studied Economics at the University of Cambridge before working for the UK civil service in a range of areas from education to contingency planning. She is currently head of Economics at Wellington College and Director of the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute. She co-founded a charity to help develop young leaders in Africa and runs conferences, coaching, and leadership training for adults and young people. She has co-authored a book with Katy Granville-Chapman, Leader: Know, Love, and Inspire Your People and is the co-chair and senior fellow, with Katy, of the Leadership for Flourishing Community of Practice at Harvard University's Human Flourishing Program. 

About the session: 

Topic: Leadership: What's love got to do with it?

Around the world the COVID pandemic is challenging leaders to step up like never before. Senior leaders are in the spotlight, but the need for leadership does not stop with them. People everywhere, whatever their role, can accept the challenge of leadership—the challenge to step up and be a force for good at a difficult time. This is a time for our understanding of leadership to break beyond formal positions and structures to a dynamic process that enables people to act courageously for the good of others. It is a time to reimagine leaders as those at all levels of society and from all backgrounds who embrace the challenge in their own context to step up and spread love. 

Attendees will:  

  • Hear stories of leaders who have had a transformational impact through leading with love 
  • Be presented with current research into the impact of leading with love from the leadership, business, educational and psychology literature 
  • Try out practical tools that can be implemented straight away for creating a team and organization where love is a key value