RECORD-BREAKING ELO NATIONAL FORUM 2021: Excellent, Amazing & Inspirational!

NOTE: For an overview of the Forum’s speakers and sponsors see the Entrepreneurial Leaders Review (conference guide).

The ELO National Forum held on November 30th was described by participants as “excellent,” “amazing” and “inspirational.” An outstanding lineup of eight presenters from Canada, the US, and the UK delivered insights on innovation, an entrepreneurial mindset, and marketplace leadership.

This Forum was ELO’s single highest attended event since its origins in 2005! The Forum always strives to be a unifying force, bringing together Christian leaders from businesses, charities, and educational institutions. The purpose of ELO is to connect, equip and inspire Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders committed to being positive difference-makers in their communities.

In view of the COVID environment, this was a hybrid event. The sessions were viewed online, but people were encouraged to form “watch parties” (photos below from Redeemer University in ON and Coastal Church in BC). Thus, they could get the best of both worlds.

Several people in front of Christmas tree holding mugsThe Forum had approximately 25 sponsors and supporting organizations. There were approximately 50 “watch party” group hosts. Some had almost 50 people in their group. Group hosts were sent watch party kits with ELO shirts, mugs, chocolates, a book, and snacks (see photos).

Group of people at board room watching a livestreamELO tries itself to be innovative. Since 2005 it has done in-person events. Then last year ELO did three separate virtual/hybrid Forums on Zoom. This year ELO did this single larger virtual / hybrid again but on Swapcard.

In view of the outstanding content, people often ask, “how do we find these speakers?!” The speakers reflect the depth and breadth of the ELO global network. As a leader in the Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leadership, ELO draws on an unmatched network of leaders.

Online events provide a context for great connecting, but are different than an in-person event. The ability to connect with others happened during the networking session which allowed for two breakout groups. In addition, participants could connect continually with others throughout the Forum.

Attendees commented on how the Forum was well-curated with speakers weaving together well and reinforcing concepts introduced by others. The Forum was hosted by Richard (Rick) J. Goossen, Chairman, ELO, who fielded questions from participants throughout the event. All speakers are live; no content is pre-recorded.

The outstanding roster of speakers included: Vijay Krishnan, Lead Pastor, The Well (Church) in Toronto; James Kelly, Founder, and CEO, FaithTech in Waterloo, ON; Paul Fast, Founder & Partner, Fast + Epp, Vancouver; David George, Co-founder and Board Advisor, Strategic Alliances, Accedo TV in Toronto; Katy Granville-Chapman, Co-founder, Global Social Leaders and Founder of Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute, Reading, UK; Sam Chand, Sam Chand Leadership Institute, Atlanta, GA; Brad Pedersen, Co-Founder and Chairman of Pela, Kelowna, BC; and Larry Law, CEO, Living Water Resort & Spa, Collingwood, ON.

In short, this year’s ELO Forum continued its purpose, as it has been since 2005, to bring together Christians for greater effectiveness in the marketplace. ELO will continue to work with leaders, teams, and organizations in order to help them succeed.