ELO Launches Christian Peer Advisory Group Network!

NEWS RELEASE – JANUARY 28, 2021 – ELO is pleased to announce that it is launching a global Peer Advisory Group Network for Chrisitan business leaders. It’s a unique blended model with significant advantages in the marketplace: world-class presenters; expert facilitators; small groups; a big network; a global perspective; and an Oxford centre of excellence.

During the course of last year, ELO has done extensive market research to determine the needs of Christian marketplace leaders in the current situation and the new reality beyond. The results? Christian leaders want (1) practical counsel, (2) to be connected and (3) to learn. Our response: the launch of the “ELO Peer Advisory Group Network.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for a new model in the field of what is commonly referred to as a “peer advisory group.” We believe this is the first new model in over 60 years, which will utilize the benefits of the digital economy.

Video conferencing technologies have gone mainstream and become the default approach in many settings. Zoom and other video conferencing platforms are now a widely embraced business tool. People are increasingly comfortable working remotely, based in their home office, and being part of virtual meetings. This also saves time and money and avoids the need to go to physical locations as often.

We believe that the great advantages of the digital economy should be utilized to their full potential. This is not a case of looking wistfully at the old traditional model and trying to figure out how to get back to it. That model is gone.

ELO’s approach is based on a blended model. We integrate the significant advantages of video conference technology: expanded access to guest presenters, chairs and members; cost and time efficiency; recording of learning sessions; smaller group size; and convenience.

Our first learning session presenter is John Lennox, Professor Emeritus, University of Oxford and well-known apologist, author, debater. Millions have watched his clips on YouTube and he routinely speaks before thousands. I will be leading a Q & A with him. As a result of our blended model, we can provide an opportunity for you to interact with someone of John’s global profile, wisdom and biblical insight.

When appropriate and in compliance with government COVID-19 regulations we will integrate in-person opportunities, which will include our ELO Forums and our Oxford programme.  

ELO understands video conferencing technology and uses it fully. Over the past year, ELO has successfully held webinars over the past 12 months with guests such as NT Wright, John Lennox, Jerry Bowyer, So-Young Kang and many others. We have also successfully held online Forums this past November for Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg.

ELO bases its approach on current best practices regarding virtual presentations, facilitation, and communication. ELO’s leading approach to communications in a digital environment is captured in Richard J. Goossen’s upcoming book titled, Public Speaking Laws of Success (New York, NY: Morgan James).

The launch of the peer advisory groups fits with ELO’s focus to be the world’s premier network for Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders.

Take a look at our Introductory Brochure.

For further information, please submit a Request for Information Form to begin the application process or email Tessa Needham, Operations Manager, ELO Network, E: Tessa@ELONetwork.org