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The purpose of this blog is to offer a Christian perspective on various approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership and meaning at work from around the world. We review the perspectives of leading thinkers and business people as expressed through their writings or by way of direct interviews.

The ELO Blog additionally highlights key ELO events, interviews and initiatives to support ELO’s vision to be the world’s premier resource for the executive education and training of Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders.

  • Frankenstein Revisited: Can a Robot be Moral & Will the Created Hunt the Creator?

    Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein of 1818 is one of English literature’s most compelling horror stories. It is the tale of Dr. Frankenstein’s obsession with the creation of life and his subsequent abandonment of his creation. His creation, the monster, then hunts the creator. Does this prescient novel have any relevance to the rise of moral machines, AI, and robots? Is this Frankenstein’s equation revisited? To learn more, read more
  • Dr. Kim Tan Announced as Speaker at the ELO Forum Vancouver 2024

    We are pleased to announce that Dato Dr. Kim Tan, based in London, UK, will be a speaker at this year’s ELO Forum Vancouver. To learn about Dr. Tan and the ELO Forums in 2024, read more
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  • Dr. Nigel Crook Announced as Instructor at the ELO Oxford Leadership Program 2024

    We are pleased to announce that Dr. Nigel Crook, Professor of AI and Robotics & Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange, Oxford Brookes University, will participate in the ELO Leadership Program as an instructor this year. To learn more about Professor Crook, read more
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  • The Power of Goals in Business

    As January is now coming to an end, it can be assumed that many people have fallen through with their New Year’s resolutions. But why do we attribute resolutions and goals to just one part of the year? Goals and resolutions serve as the constant compass guiding businesses through the ever-changing terrain of challenges and opportunities. To learn about why goals are important to keep in mind throughout the year, read more
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  • John Lennox to Receive Prestigious Entrepreneurial Leaders Award in Oxford

    The ELO Oxford Leadership Program is confirmed for 2024! This year, we have confirmed speaker and author John Lennox, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Oxford. To find out about John and the ELA, read more
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  • ELO Network Continues Massive Global Impact in 2023! (Part II)

    ELO Network had a great year of impact in 2023! Here are 15 highlights from the work of ELO in 2023 (posted as Part I and Part II). We are thankful for our many supporters from around the world. If you are not part of the ELO Network, then we invite you to join the leading community of Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders in the world! To learn about ELO's success in 2023, read more