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The purpose of this blog is to offer a Christian perspective on various approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership and meaning at work from around the world. We review the perspectives of leading thinkers and business people as expressed through their writings or by way of direct interviews.

The ELO Blog additionally highlights key ELO events, interviews and initiatives to support ELO’s vision to be the world’s premier resource for the executive education and training of Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders.

  • YouVersion Bible App From 0 to 500 Million Downloads: An Entrepreneurial Church?

    This blog post is based on an interview by Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen with Bobby Gruenewald, Founder, YouVersion Bible App, which recently surpassed 500 million downloads. The blog focuses on the entrepreneurial church environment in which the YouVersion Bible App was birthed. read more
  • YouVersion Bible App From 0 to 500 Million Downloads: How Did It Start?

    This is Part I of a series of blog posts based on an interview by Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen with Bobby Gruenewald.  Since the YouVersion Bible App recently passed 500 million downloads we decided to highlight this previous interview with Bobby Gruenewald through a series of blog posts. read more
  • Top Ten Videos of 2021

    Phil Vischer, Joo Kim Tiah, John C. Maxwell, Edward Ong, John Neate, Mark Burnett, Richard J. Goossen, Roma Downey, N.T. Wright & John Lennox are all included in the list of the Top 10 Videos of 2021! read more
  • John H Redekop, Ph.D. & The Best Book on Public Speaking Laws of Success

    Three noteworthy features of this book: (1) the book is rooted in decades of successful speaking in a wide spectrum of arenas; (2) this book may well be the best, most helpful, publication on this topic currently available; and (3) a novice public speaker will learn all the basics; a good public speaker will discover how to become better; and an excellent pubic speaker will realize there is always room for improvement. read more
  • Notable Books of 2021

    As we reflect back on 2021, here are six notable books we reviewed during the year. read more