Rick Rusaw, Boulder, USA

Rick RusawRick Rusaw, Executive Director, Spire.Network, Boulder, CO, USA

Rick is based in Boulder, CO, USA, continues to blend his talents and heart for service to influence faith-based and corporate leaders globally. Rick speaks for business and ministry conferences around the world, has consulted with, raised capital for and guided numerous start-ups, and shares his leadership on several corporate and nonprofit boards.

He is President of Spire.Network, a US-wide digital engagement platform, conference, and innovation community focused on equipping and inspiring Christian leaders. 

Rick also serves on the executive leadership team at Gloo, a data and technology company in Boulder. He works closely with the Gloo leadership team regarding their ambitious plans for expansion throughout the US and beyond. Gloo is an intranet for the church and the global faith ecosystem which allows churches to access technology that would otherwise not be available. 

Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen, Chairman, ELO Network, hosted an ELO Webinar with Scott Beck, President, Gloo, and Rick Rusaw on the topic of “Gloo and the Entrepreneurial Spirit.” To read the three-part ELO blog post based on the webinar above, please click HERE.

For more than 28 years, Rick served as Lead Pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, CO. He has assisted churches and denominations worldwide in developing an external focus to ministry and has authored several books and resources including the best-selling missional book Externally Focused Church, as well as Life on LoanExternally Focused Quest60 Simple Secrets Every Pastor Needs to KnowThe Neighboring Church, and The Neighboring Life.

Rick’s entrepreneurship and influence continue to produce leadership opportunities in the areas of international banking, real estate development, d corporate start-ups. First, he is the Founder and Chairman of MOMO Group, Ltd., a UK-based mobile banking company with offices in the UK, Luxembourg, Cambridge, Kenya, Singapore, and Malaysia. Second, he is Managing Partner of Tiznow Ventures, a real estate holding company with more than 150 homes across four states. Lastly, he is Owner of Folsom Ridge Development Company, a 500-home real estate development project in Lake of The Ozarks, MO.