jb kingdomJerry Bowyer hosted Richard (Rick) J. Goossen on his new podcast "Business in the Kingdom". They discuss Rick's new book Public Speaking Laws of Success in two parts: 

Part I: How Not to Fail as a Public Speaker

Part II: How Christian Leaders Can – and Why We Should – Pursue Excellence in Public Speaking




Peter Legge Interviews Rick Goossen on Public Speaking Laws of Success

Peter Legge interviewed Rick Goossen on his upcoming book, Public Speaking Laws of Success. This interview focuses on some key laws of success that are critical to your success as a public speaker and communicator, whether online or in person. We will highlight laws such as Thriving in the Digital Environment, The One Minute Test, Humor is No Joke, The Most Dangerous 15 Seconds and Speaker’s Hara-Kiri and how Public Speaking Laws of Success will enable you to become a more competent and confident speaker. The book includes stimulating stories that highlight the habits and secrets of successful speakers. Readers will enjoy the book and find it a valuable resource for developing their speaking skills. This webinar will help you grow as a communicator.