Hybrid Format

As a result of ELO's experience hosting hybrid events and last year's success, as well as the global environment and circumstances, ELO will be hosting the 2021 ELO National Forum with a hybrid platform. This means it will continue as a combination of both online and in-person.

The online element will allow everyone to be connected virtually. In addition, there is an in-person element whereby people who have purchased a group of 5 or 10 have the opportunity to self-organize, as COVID appropriate, into a watch party and gather at a home or boardroom.

Features of the Hybrid Model:

  • Individual Forum groups get together in one place, following proper COVID protocols.
  • Individuals can engage in the Q&A and chat features through their own devices while still being together.
  • Option to facilitate the breakout in-person with materials from ELO or group members can split up and virtually participate in the Forum breakouts from their own devices.

The ELO Forums are focused on connecting. Forum groups will meet before and after the event virtually and attendees connect during the event in breakout sessions.

As an alternative hybrid model, we are offering the opportunity for Forum group hosts to organize an in-person gathering of their Forum group to connect before and after the event in person and experience the event together.