• Jim Collins’ Beyond Entrepreneurship: Luck, Hee Haw & A Prayer Meeting

    This is the first of a series of five blog posts based on Jim Collins & Bill Lazier, BE 2.0:  Turning Your Business into an Enduring Great Company (New York, NY: Portfolio / Penguin, 2020). Bill Lazier and Jim Collins co-authored Beyond Entrepreneurship in 1992.  Collins has released an expanded second version under a slightly modified name. read more
  • Public Speaking Laws of Success: Bill Pollard & A True Standing Ovation

    How can you get a standing ovation after a presentation? I mean a real standing ovation. There are, after all, at least two types of standing ovations. You’ve likely seen far more of the former than the latter. The first type is the “contrived” standing ovation. Within that category, there are a few different subtypes. read more
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  • Public Speaking Laws of Success: Malcolm Gladwell & Embellishment

    Years ago, my good friend Malcolm Gladwell and I spoke together at a conference for a combined fee of $100,000. We both performed admirably well and collectively spoke before over 1,000 attendees! read more
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  • Public Speaking Laws of Success: Mark Burnett & Be Present

    Survivor, Shark Tank, The Apprentice, and The Voice: Mark Burnett is the originator and producer behind these and many other top Hollywood shows. He is, at the time of writing, the chair of MGM Worldwide Television Group, and is regarded as one of Hollywood’s leading producers. Beyond that, he is among the best of hundreds of well-known speakers I have hosted. read more
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  • Public Speaking Laws of Success: John C. Maxwell & Be Engaging

    John is one of the world’s leading authors and speakers on leadership. He has written 30 books, primarily on leadership, which have sold about 25 million copies. One of his most recent books called Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, is about the fact that talking and connecting are not the same. read more
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