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The purpose of this blog is to offer a Christian perspective on various approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership and meaning at work from around the world. We review the perspectives of leading thinkers and business people as expressed through their writings or by way of direct interviews.

The ELO Blog additionally highlights key ELO events, interviews and initiatives to support ELO’s vision to be the world’s premier resource for the executive education and training of Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders.

  • Mark Carney’s Values & Building A Better World for All

    Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada and the Governor of the Bank of England, has written a weighty 600-page tome titled, Value(s): Building A Better World for All (Penguin, 2021). Why read a book written by an economist, and especially one focused on values rather than economic theory? read more
  • Jim Collins’ Beyond Entrepreneurship: Tactical Excellence & The Final Secret 

    The shibboleth that many well-formulated plans fail because of lack of execution is addressed through a final chapter on tactical excellence.   Collins offers advice to redress the imbalance of too much planning and too little execution. The key is to balance entrepreneurship and discipline. This is not an easy task. read more
  • Public Speaking Laws Of Success: Larry Farrell & Big Mo

    I have worked with a number of very well-known speakers who can deliver a 45–60 minute keynote, and at the end the audience’s reaction is still, “What, it’s over already?! That felt like 5 minutes.” How do they manage this feat? They established pace and momentum. This is a very difficult skill to master. read more
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  • Jim Collins’ Beyond Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Peter Drucker 2.0

    Collins is worth reading carefully even when it is much-analyzed territory (as long as he sticks to his knitting). He is not only a leading management thinker generally, but he is also one of the most insightful thinkers on entrepreneurship. In that sense, he is “Peter Drucker 2.0”—not a bad comparison considering that Drucker was considered the world’s leading management thinker in the day. read more
  • Public Speaking Laws of Success: Phil Vischer & Touch The Heart

    Failure. Tragedy. Mental health challenges. These subjects are difficult to discuss—especially from the podium. The most powerful presentations, though, are often those that bring out emotion. As one of my friends said after a conference, the speakers he likes best “are the ones that touch my heart.” The emotion of the speaker is something that the listeners can relate to and connect it to their own experiences. These shared experiences create an emotional resonance. read more
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