• Cross-Cultural Fluency & The Role of Opportunity Cost (Part VIII)

    NOTE: This is Part VIII of a series of blog posts related to cross-cultural fluency and the family business. A young Dutch immigrant started a company in 1951 that by 2020 would be purchased for $320 million. How did that happen? It began with a need to make a living. The opportunity cost was low—there were few other options available. read more
  • ELO Webinar: NT Wright on “Racism, Christians & Leadership”

    On Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 ELO hosted NT Wright in a webinar and Q&A discussing “Racism, Christians & Leadership”. It was the 5th ELO webinar and was attended by hundreds internationally, posing question for the world-renowned biblical scholar. ELO Webinars over the past months have featured global thought leaders such as NT Wright and John Lennox and international entrepreneurs such as Rob Wildeboer and Jeff Williams. read more
  • ELO Webinar: Jeff Williams on "Rethinking Your 'Why?'"

    ELO was pleased to host Jeff Williams on June 10th, 2020 for a webinar and Q & A with Dr. Rick Goossen entitled “Rethinking Your ‘Why?’". read more
  • Cross-Cultural Fluency & The Role Of Faith (Part VII)

    NOTE: This is Part VII of a series of blog posts related to cross-cultural fluency and the family business. Religion is generally far more important to newcomers than to residents of Canada. A 2018 poll by Angus Reid in partnership with Cardus, an Ottawa-based think tank, showed that immigrants are twice as likely as Canadians to attend religious services regularly. read more
  • Singapore ELO Webinar: John Lennox & Bill Foo on Marketplace Leadership Post-Pandemic

    NEWS RELEASE – MAY 26, 2020 – ELO held a webinar primarily for its Singapore and southeast Asia supporters on May 25th. The focus was “Marketplace Leadership in the New Post-Pandemic Economy.” The ELO Network offered perspectives from three continents (Asia, Europe and North America). read more