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The purpose of this blog is to offer a Christian perspective on various approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership and meaning at work from around the world. We review the perspectives of leading thinkers and business people as expressed through their writings or by way of direct interviews.

The ELO Blog additionally highlights key ELO events, interviews and initiatives to support ELO’s vision to be the world’s premier resource for the executive education and training of Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders.

  • ELO Announces Launch of 2022 ELO Forums Live & In-Person

    ELO is pleased to announce that it will be holding its ELO Forums live and in-person in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto in November this year. This will be an opportunity for people to reunite in person for a great time to connect, be equipped, and to celebrate Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders. The theme is “Bridge-Building Leadership." Why? After two years of COVID, people have rarely been more polarized. As a result, there has hardly been a time with a greater need for bridge-building leadership. Read on to see the five of the sources of polarization that create chasms in our society and workplaces. read more
  • Richard Turnbull, Oxford & Just Leadership in a Polarized Post-Pandemic World

    Today’s environment desperately needs good leadership, including the dimension of being “just.” What is being “just?” To address this topic of just leadership in a polarized post-pandemic world, the ELO Peer Advisory Group Network had Dr. Richard Turnbull, Director, Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics, Oxford, present on May 10th on the topic “To Act Justly.” read more
  • Bridge-Building Leadership: Five Chasms in a Post-Pandemic Polarized World

    After two years of Covid, people have rarely been more polarized. As a result, there has hardly been a time with a greater need for bridge-building leadership. What are the key chasms in our post-pandemic polarized world and how can they be addressed by leaders? read more
  • Harry, Voortman Cookies: Five Entrepreneurial Leadership Lessons

    This blog post about Harry Voortman was originally posted on June 23, 2015. Harry Voortman passed away recently on April 8, 2022 at age 87. We are highlighting and reposting this blog in honour of Harry Voortman, a great Christian entrepreneurial leader. The lessons I highlighted in 2015 remain true today. You should meet Harry Voortman, 81, CEO, Voortman Cookies, Burlington, ON (www.voortman.com). He’s a one-of-a-kind Christian entrepreneurial leader. Far too modest to seek attention—that’s another reason why he deserves it. read more
  • ELO Forum Singapore 2022 Delivers Highly Successful Covid Bounce Back!

    FROM SINGAPORE - The 2nd ELO Forum Singapore on April 12th was a highly successful bounce back event to connect, equip and celebrate Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders! The ELO Forum took place at the Park Royal Hotel, featuring a stellar line up of 10 speakers from Singapore, Canada and the UK. The focus was on being salt and light in the marketplace. read more