ELO Team: 150 Meaning-Driven Entrepreneurial Leaders

I often get asked, “Who is ELO?” ELO includes many people who want to see ELO pursue its vision to help meaning-driven entrepreneurial leaders succeed.

ELO is comprised of a global network of about 150 advisors, speakers, sponsors who are leaders of businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. 

Since 2005, ELO has received contributions from an amazing aggregation of talented individuals committed to making a difference. 

This team reflects a diversity of businesses and organizations, geography, experiences, and personalities—yet they are all committed to encouraging entrepreneurial leaders to have a greater impact in the marketplace! 

Our supporters represent a wide range of industries: auto parts manufacturing, agriculture, software, cyber security, construction and property development, nurseries, fresh cut flowers distribution, landscaping, retail sales, aquaculture, education, window manufacturing, cabinet making, law firms, accounting firms, and many others.

Some contributors have been long-standing members of ELO advisory boards in different parts of the world such as British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Singapore

Other supporters have been presenters at conferences, graciously lending their time and expertise. Our speakers have come from South Africa, the UK, Singapore, and all over the US and Canada. We have had speakers from the world’s most prestigious academic institutions, such as the University of Oxford and Harvard University. We have had high-profile speakers such as John Maxwell, the world’s #1 leadership expert, and Mark Burnett, the #1 Hollywood TV producer.  

Lastly, some individuals have had their organizations act as sponsors of various ELO events, such as our annual ELO Forums, Workshops, and our Leadership Programs.

ELO thanks all supporters who truly comprise the world’s top marketplace leaders team!

Our website page "The Team" has more details on the nature of the contribution of the various individuals listed.

And the team keeps growing!