• ELO Forum Toronto Online 2020 Completes Trifecta! 

    The ELO Forum Toronto Online was held yesterday (Nov 23rd) featuring networking sessions and a world-class roster of presenters from Canada, the US and Australia. The successful event was the final of three ELO online Forums, which also included Winnipeg on Nov 9th and Vancouver on Nov 16th. ELO was able to nimbly complete a trifecta, leveraging its unmatched track record of successful in-person Forums. read more
  • ELO Forum Vancouver Online 2020 Provides Excellent Content & Connections!

    The ELO Forum Vancouver Online held yesterday (November 16th) featured eight expert presenters from Europe, North America and Asia. The overall theme of the Forum was to “rethink,” especially given the economic, social and personal upheaval during this year. The audience was challenged to rethink its approach to meaning and faith, the economy, diversity, innovation, leadership and relationships. read more
  • ELO Forum Winnipeg Online 2020 Delivers Great Value!

    The ELO Forum Winnipeg Online held yesterday (November 9th) featured seven expert presenters from the US, Canada and Asia and received an enthusiastic response from participants! read more
  • Jerry Bowyer On The US Election, Trump, Economic & Social Impact

    The US election happened on Nov 3rd, but a new president has not been conclusively chosen. The counting continues. Biden looks to be poised on the precipice of victory. Trump has declared himself the winner and is launching legal challenges to the counting of ballots and the mail-in process. Civil unrest is hovering in the wings. How to make sense of this? ELO is pleased to announce that Jerry Bowyer, an American economic advisor, author and broadcast personality, will be a session presenter at all three ELO Forums Online on Nov 9th (Winnipeg), Nov 16th (Vancouver) and Nov 23rd (Toronto).  Jerry will be speaking on the topic of “Rethinking the Economy: Making Sense of the Markets.” read more
  • An Anti-Covid Remedy

    Extended social Isolation begets lethargy and despondency. People are currently experiencing far less in-person contact and interaction of any kind than prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are growing more accustomed to less interaction. There is habitual cocooning. When the pandemic started, people could ride the momentum of a lifetime of human interaction. Then the music stopped. A blip became permanent. What to do about it? read more