• NEWS RELEASE: 12th ELO Forum, Vancouver Delivers Excellent Value & Mindblowing Inspiration

    "Excellent value” and “mind blowing”—these were among the descriptions of the 12th ELO Forum & Awards Gala was held on Nov 29th at the iconic Vancouver Convention Centre. There were about 200 attendees during the afternoon session and about 300 for the evening keynote, drawn from throughout Canada, the US and beyond—including as far away as New Zealand. The Forum featured a wide range of speakers and a dynamic keynote address, interspersed with various video segments. read more
  • NEWS RELEASE: ELO Forum, Toronto 2017 Continues Tradition of Success!

    This year’s ELO Forum, the sixth in Toronto dating back to 2012, continued a tradition of being the most important gathering for Christian marketplace leaders all year in Toronto. This year’s event was held on Nov 15th at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel with a highly engaged audience and a wide range of sponsors and supporters. Fazal Karim, Publisher, The Christian Herald, Brampton noted that, “The ELO Forum has become the premier event in Southern Ontario for Christian entrepreneurs. Not to be missed!” read more
  • Peter Kerridge, Premier Media on "The Church in a Digital Age"

    This is second of two blog posts based on my interview via phone with Peter Kerridge, CEO, Premier Media, London, UK on August 25, 2017. Part I of the interview appeared under the title “If Entrepreneurs Ran the Church – Then What?” on October 14, 2017 read more
  • NEWS RELEASE: Bernie Zacharias, Avisar, Appointed to ELO Advisory Board

    ELO is pleased to announce that Bernie Zacharias, Managing Partner & Founder, Avisar Chartered Professional Accountants (www.avisar.ca), has been appointed to the ELO Advisory Board in Vancouver. Bernie has been a stalwart supporter of ELO for a number of years and has been able to mobilize his considerable network of clients and contacts to attend past ELO events. read more
  • Peter Kerridge, Premier Media on "If Entrepreneurs Ran The Church - Then What?"

    This is the first of two blog posts based on my interview on August 25, 2017 with Peter Kerridge, CEO, Premier Communications, UK. read more