Steve Kim

Steve KimSteve Kim, Alberta Director, Apologetics Canada

Edmonton, AB, Canada

About the Presenter

Steve is a follower of Christ with a heart for apologetics. In his early 20s, Steve experienced a faith crisis due to intellectual undernourishment. Through this experience, he has come to see apologetics as the “intellectual care of the soul” and now feels a personal burden to walk with others who may be struggling with doubt and/or seeking sincerely. Steve holds a diploma in Worship Arts and a BA in Biblical Studies from Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, BC. He has completed a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics through Biola University in La Mirada, CA. He serves from the Edmonton area where he lives with his wife, Sharina, and their two children.

About the Presentation

Topic: "What Is Artificial Intelligence & How Does it Work?"

AI algorithms were first invented back in the 1970's but the computing power to operate and the data necessary to fuel them is a more recent development. Now that machine learning has become widely accessible and grabbed our collective imagination, it's essential we understand not only what AI can do but what it can't do if we will ever successfully integrate it into business and society. Steve will provide a context for understanding the current capacity of AI, its potential benefits and dangers, the facts, and the fiction.