Our Process

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We have a four-step process that we use with clients. We do not short-circuit the process, but rather work with you to learn the answer by going through the process.




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We conduct an in-depth discovery process through interviews with key leaders and stakeholders, questionnaires, assessments, job descriptions, and any other important documents and facts pertinent to your organization.


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All of the information that has been assembled is then analyzed to identify the core issues. The information is analyzed carefully which then results in a clear picture of the issues to be addressed.


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The analysis will lead to a series of recommendations to meet the objectives identified at the outset of the process. ELO reviews the recommendations with the clients, makes changes as necessary and appropriate, and then agrees on which to proceed with.


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A distinguishing feature of the ELO process is the presentation of an implementation plan in phases with a timeline. Each recommendation has its own specific implementation plan in terms of people responsible, resources required and steps to be taken. We work with you in the implementation of these new plans