Grassroots Movement: How the ELO Website Impacts Over 100,000 People Annually

There are over 100 thousand unique visitors annually to the ELO Network website. Our top blog posts get read over 10 thousand times. Our top YouTube video has been viewed over 15 thousand times. This year is already off to a great start with a 50% increase in website traffic!

Our website has become known as a leading resource for Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders. The traffic has grown largely via word of mouth from our sponsors and by providing high-quality resources.

Visitors come virtually from all over the globe to take advantage of free resources such as blog posts, podcasts, and our monthly newsletter.

The numbers are impressive considering ELO is focused on a niche segment of the web: Christians in business.

Our blog focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship, and meaning. We have over 400 blog posts covering book reviews, current thinkers, and topical issues (see this BLOG POST for our top posts of 2022).

We have podcasts based on interviews with various leading Christian entrepreneurs. (see this BLOG POST for our top podcasts of 2022).

As the ELO Network continues to grow, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to access our website. As such, we recently revamped our site tabs to make it seamless for visitors to access our resources.

Our homepage highlights previous and current sponsors. As is evident, a great number of organizations believe in the ELO Network mission and have contributed their resources to help us pursue our vision.

In the first tab, we have the ELO Peer Advisory Groups. Our groups are comprised of Christian senior executives, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders from across Canada. In this tab, you can find details on the groups, networking opportunities, endorsements from current members, information on our current Learning Session series, and the next steps to take if you are interested in joining a group.

Secondly, there is the Leadership Program tab. This section has information regarding our executive education programs at the University of Oxford and Harvard University that take place each summer. You can view details from our previous programs, and also take a look at the program’s unique curriculum.

In the Business Conferences tab, you can view the annual ELO Forums that take place in three Canadian cities: Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto. These are one-day in-person events that bring Christians in business together to connect, learn, and grow. You can also view previous keynote speakers, presenter slides, and content from the conferences.

Under this tab, there is a section for the prestigious Entrepreneurial Leaders Award, which has been given to notable entrepreneurs at the Forums over the years, including people such as Hollywood producer Mark Burnett, YouVersion Founder & CEO Bobby Gruenewald, and leadership expert John C. Maxwell.

We have a section for the Entrepreneurial Leaders Review – the official ELO Forum magazine. Here, you can find excellent content from past Forums.

ELO also offers Business Consulting services focused on family businesses and entrepreneurs. Our services help your business navigate difficult issues so that you may thrive as a company. Under this tab, you can find out more about booking a consultation, the ELO four-step process, and our expertise. We also provide information on our three services: transition, governance, and strategy.

Lastly, visit the About Us tab to learn more about the ELO Network. Here, there is information on the ELO Founder and Chairman, Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen.

You can also find details about the organization itself, our team of speakers from previous ELO events, and a list of our sponsors and clients.

One noteworthy section is the Team listing. Our ELO Team consists of a wide range of sponsors, speakers, and advisors from around the world who have contributed to the success of ELO since its inception.

Want to learn more? Email us at, we would love to answer any questions you may have.

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