Jerry Bowyer On The US Election, Trump, Economic & Social Impact

The US election happened on Nov 3rd, but a new president has not been conclusively chosen. The counting continues. Biden looks to be poised on the precipice of victory. Trump has declared himself the winner and is launching legal challenges to the counting of ballots and the mail-in process. Civil unrest is hovering in the wings. How to make sense of this? 

ELO is pleased to announce that Jerry Bowyer, an American economic advisor, author and broadcast personality, will be a session presenter at all three ELO Forums Online on Nov 9th (Winnipeg), Nov 16th (Vancouver) and Nov 23rd (Toronto). Jerry will be speaking on the topic of “Rethinking the Economy: Making Sense of the Markets.”

The session with Jerry Bowyer will be hosted by Richard (Rick) J. Goossen, Chairman, ELO Group, who will pose questions and include questions from the global audience.

Here are ten questions Jerry will address (time permitting):

  1. The US election just happened—what do you see as the immediate and longer-term consequences?
  2. Who got election predictions right/wrong? Why?
  3. What is the future of Trumpism?
  4. As you look through the lens of economics, what do you think God is doing in the world now?
  5. Tell us how you think about economic data, and how you use it.
  6. What piece of economic data do you use which people probably don’t know about?
  7. What does that data tell us that conventional approaches miss?
  8. What are stock markets telling us?
  9. What are bond markets telling us?
  10. What are commodity markets telling us?

Jerry Bowyer has compiled an impressive record as a leading thinker in finance and economics. Jerry has previously been an adjunct presenter at the Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme, Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford in 2019. Jerry will be joining ELO again for the Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme in August 2021.

He worked as an auditor and a tax consultant with Arthur Anderson, Federated Investors, and consulted in various privatization efforts for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He founded the influential economic think tank, the Allegheny Institute, and has lectured extensively to university, business and civic groups.

He has been a member of three investment committees, among which is Benchmark Financial, Pittsburgh’s largest financial services firm. Jerry is a regular commentator on Fox Business News and Fox News and was a Forbes columnist. He was formerly a CNBC Contributor, has guest-hosted “The Kudlow Report”, and has written for CNBC, National Review Online, The Wall Street Journal as well as many other publications. He is the author of The Bush Boom and more recently The Free Market Capitalist’s Survival Guide, published by Harper Collins. Jerry is the Chairman of Bowyer Media, which produces the television program Pennsylvania Newsmakers and various programs on 1360 am (WMNY) Pittsburgh’s Business Talk Radio.

Jerry consulted extensively with the George W. Bush White House on matters pertaining to economics. He has been quoted in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, The International Herald Tribune and various local newspapers. He has been a contributing editor of National Review Online, The New York Sun and Townhall Magazine. Jerry has hosted daily radio and TV programs and was one of the founding members of WQED’s On-Q Friday Roundtable. He has guest-hosted the Bill Bennett radio program as well as radio programs in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

His recent book is titled, The Maker Versus the Takers: What Jesus Really Said About Social Justice and Economics (Fidelis, 2020). Dr. Richard J. Goossen, Chairman, ELO, noted that “Jerry Bowyer has done a great job of highlighting the important and often overlooked economic aspects of Jesus’ ministry and helped bring new light and nuances to well-known parables. After reading Jerry’s book it will not be possible to read the New Testament without a view of the economic dynamics of Jesus’ day.”