ELO Forum Toronto World-Class Speakers Roster Announced!

The ELO Forum Toronto Online to be held on Nov 23rd features a world-class roster of session presenters from Canada, the US and Australia. The Forum theme is “rethink.” This approach is very pertinent in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. How do Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders “rethink” the present situation from various dimensions: faith & meaning; economics; diversity; relationships; innovation; and leading.

Jerry Bowyer is an American economist, lay minister and media personality. His most recent book is The Maker Versus The Takers which focuses on Jesus and economics. Jerry will speak on “Rethink: Economics.” Jerry will help us make sense of the markets. He will analyze the economic dynamics of the COVID-19 situation, which will provide a great platform for business leaders planning their next moves. The US election will have occurred (though possibly not fully resolved with respect to ballot counting) and Jerry will provide his keen insights on how the political situation impacts the economy.

Diane Craig, President & Founder, Corporate Class Inc., will talk about the dynamics of women in leadership. She will talk about the myths and stereotypes of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, and generation. She will discuss ways to help navigate difficult moments, combat workplace bias, deal with micro-aggression and everyday slights rooted in bias. Diane will highlight some practical tools and strategies are that allow women to participate fully in business leadership.

Glenn Cooke, CEO, Cooke Aquaculture Inc. & Cooke Inc. family of companies, started small and now leads a large organization. He will discuss his faith and entrepreneurial journey and offer insights on rethinking leadership in the midst of an ongoing COVID-9 pandemic. The company was started in 1985 by Glenn, his brother Michael and their father Gifford and now employs over 10,000 people globally in 10 countries, ships over one billion pounds of fresh, sustainable True North Seafood Company branded products a year to over 67 countries and generated $2.35 billion CAD in sales last year.

Ron Haik, Senior Financial Advisor, Nicola Wealth, Toronto will focus on “Rethink: Economics.” The subtitle of Ron’s session is “Politics, Pandemics, and Investments.” Ron will discuss the big picture and how it impacts Canadians individually:  politics, pandemics and investments. Where to now? What are the economic factors that will impact the next 12 months? There is no question that 2020 marks a turning point in many regards; economically, politically and socially.

Brad Pedersen, Founder, Indykko Ltd., will talk about people who have positively impacted him among family, friends and peers. Connecting with and learning from others is part of the faith and entrepreneurial journey. He will discuss the value of peer relationships and getting valued input on business and spiritual/ethical matters. He will discuss how to avoid the default action of isolation and independent decision-making.  Entrepreneurs and leaders often don’t get the input they could benefit from.

Veronica Utton, Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Predictive Success Corp. & Managing Director & Facilitator, V. Utton & Associates, as a specialist in diversity and inclusion, Veronica will describe how people can uncover and overcome unconscious bias and change their behaviours towards a more diversified and inclusive workplace. Creating an inclusive company and reducing unconscious biases increases retention, performance and attracts future talent.

As a reminder, all sessions are focused on engaging our online audience. The sessions are generally 30 minutes long and in a Q&A format. Session presenters will be interviewed by Dr. Richard J. Goossen, Chairman, ELO Group who will pose a set of pre-planned questions and incorporate those from our live global audience.  Each session will provide clear takeaways.