Nigel Crook

Nigel Crook 2024Nigel Crook

Professor of AI and Robotics & Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange, Oxford Brookes University

Oxford, UK




About the Presentation

Topic: The Future of Machines, Meaning, Ethics & Human Identity: A Christian Perspective

About the Presenter

Nigel Crook is Professor of AI and Robotics and Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange at Oxford Brookes University.  He graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc (hons) in Computing and Philosophy in 1982. He has a PhD in explainable intelligent machines and more than 30 years of experience as a lecturer and a researcher in AI. He recently published a book entitled “Rise of the Moral Machine: Exploring Virtue Through a Robot’s Eyes”. He has been interviewed as an expert in AI and robotics on numerous international, national and regional media channels including CNBC Squawk Box, BBC Breakfast, BBC World News and BBC Radio 4. His research interests include biologically inspired machine learning, social robotics, autonomous moral machines and ethical AI. 

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