Andy Steiger, Founder, Apologetics Canada, to speak at ELO Forum Vancouver 2024!

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We are pleased to announce that Andy Steiger, Founder and President, Apologetics Canada (AC), Abbotsford, BC, will be speaking at the ELO Forum Vancouver on November 13, at the Paradox Hotel. 

Andy Steiger passionately engages pressing issues related to our humanity from a Christian perspective. He has presented at various venues such as Cambridge University on philosophical issues related to Artificial Intelligence, provided ethical guidelines on robotics for the United Nations, and addressed legal concerns over rights of conscience at the World Congress in Philosophy of Law. 

Andy has published widely from children’s books to the Supreme Court Law Review. His most recent book, Reclaimed: How Jesus Restores Our Humanity in a Dehumanized World was awarded runner up to evangelistic resource of the year. Andy is known for making complex theological and philosophical ideas understandable through the art of storytelling as seen in AC’s video resources. The Human Project video series debuted at film festivals around the world and won a number of awards including Best Short Film and People's Choice. Recently released is BRANDED: A Series on Identity which is now available on RightNow Media. Between his 20 years of pastoral experience and a PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Andy brings both experience and research to his work.

The ELO Forums are one-day events that bring Christians in business together to learn from a great roster of expert presenters, connect with like-minded individuals and organizations, and grow in their faith. Peers of kindred spirit connect. Attendees get outside of their usual circles and make new contacts. Relationships are created, renewed, and strengthened. Attendees and speakers come together from around the globe. There is plenty of information and inspiration but most importantly, the benefits last throughout the year and beyond.

We have organized over 70 events since 2005 and host our ELO Forums annually in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto, to reach business leaders from all areas of Canada and across the globe.

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