Phil Cooke, Hollywood Media Expert, to Speak in Winnipeg and Vancouver


ELO is pleased to announce that Phil Cooke, Cooke Media Group, Los Angeles, will be speaking at this year’s ELO Forums in Winnipeg and Vancouver.

The ELO Forum in Winnipeg will take place on October 25, 2023, at The Fort Garry Hotel and the ELO Forum in Vancouver will take place on November 15, 2023, at the Paradox Hotel.

Phil Cooke works at the intersection of faith, media, and culture. His client list has included studios and networks like Walt Disney, Dreamworks, and USA Network, as well as major Christian organizations from the Voice of the Martyrs, The Museum of the Bible, The Salvation Army, The YouVersion Bible app. He has also worked with many of the most respected churches in the US.

He has produced TV and film programming in more than 60 countries around the world, and in the process, been shot at, survived two military coups, fallen out of a helicopter, and threatened with being put in prison in Africa. During that time, he helped some of the largest Christian and non-profit organizations in the world use the media to tell their story in a changing, disrupted culture.

Phil produced and directed the television specials on the “Nativity Cribs of Malta” for the Museum of the Bible, and “Inexplicable: The Rise of Christianity in Asia,” and produced “The Insanity of God,” a feature documentary that premiered across the US. According to former CNN journalist Paula Zahn, Phil is rare – a working producer in Hollywood with a Ph.D. in Theology. He’s appeared on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and his work has been profiled in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

His book One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do was named by the Washington Post as one of the Top Five Business Books for 2012. 

Co-written with Jonathan Bock, The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Win it Back takes a hard look at why today—particularly in the media—Christians are dismissed as irrelevant. Cooke and Bock show the Christian community how we can once again astonish our critics, and in doing so, completely transform the world for good.

His book Maximize Your Influence: How to Make Digital Media Work for Your Church, Your Ministry, and You is the ultimate reference book for pastors and Christian leaders in today’s digital age.

In both Winnipeg and Vancouver, Phil will be speaking on the topic of “The 10 Secrets of Becoming A Creative Leader.” Creativity is the currency of this generation and yet few leaders are equipped to inspire and lead creative professionals. There is plenty of information available about leadership, but very little on leading creative teams. You’ll walk away with 10 critical skills that will help you foster a culture that will attract and inspire creative people to accomplish amazing things.

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