News Release: ELO Leadership Program Expands to Harvard



ELO is pleased to announce that it is expanding its premier executive education Leadership Program in collaboration with The Human Flourishing Program, Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University (HFH).

ELO has agreed to collaborate as a partner with HFH to offer its annual Leadership Program in Boston, USA. The first offering will take place from July 9th – 15th, 2023. 

HFH is a great fit with ELO and its constituency. Brendan Case, Th.D., Associate Director for Research, The Human Flourishing Program, Harvard University commented, “We at the Human Flourishing Program are excited about our developing partnership with ELO, and look forward to collaborating long-term to help business leaders to flourish in all aspects of their lives.” 

HFH focuses on human flourishing and recognizes the importance of spiritual health and well-being. It addresses topics that are fundamental to human well-being such as happiness itself, virtue, religious community, meaning, and purpose. HFH also conducts research to determine how religious communities affect various aspects of flourishing including health, happiness, meaning, purpose, and close social relationships. It also has expertise in the interplay of human flourishing and entrepreneurship. 

The ELO Leadership Program will offer registrants a unique experience, with instructors from Harvard University supplemented by a carefully selected roster of experts of thought leaders and business practitioners. As with the ELO Oxford Program, there will be a variety of activities, including a formal closing dinner, and visits to key sites on the Harvard campus and the surrounding Boston area.

The offering with HFH will have a similar format to that of previous years which has proven very successful with the Oxford program. ELO has delivered its highly acclaimed leadership program in Oxford since 2018. ELO has attracted a world-leading faculty in Oxford along with an amazing cohort of participants from around the world. The next Oxford Leadership Program will take place from August 13th – 19th, 2023.

The goal of the ELO Leadership Program—both at Oxford and Harvard—is to provide the world’s premier executive education for experienced Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders to equip them to be more effective difference-makers. 

To apply for the 2023 ELO Leadership Programs either in Boston (July 9-15) or Oxford (August 13-19), please fill out a request HERE


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