Bakery Brera, Singapore: Changing the World One Loaf at a Time

Bakery Brera Blog photoThrina Low is not a typical Singapore bakery owner. She worked as an engineer for eight years and then was a Master’s level-trained human resources professional for another ten years. She then started Bakery Brera six years ago. But why? I met with her at her business on April 13, 2022, to find out more and ask her a few questions.

Why did you start the business?

God had impressed upon my heart to open a bakery serving the foods my family enjoys and at the same time serving others and using it as a mission field to showcase God’s goodness in our day-to-day life. It was a time when corporate work was challenging, and it was time to do something fresh.

What is your calling?

My calling is to serve the multitudes through quality and healthy baked goods and to be an intentional witness for Christ to my team, customers, and the community through every means and opportunity that comes our way, living out biblical truths and giving God all the glory.

Why are you involved in a commercial business rather than a non-profit/charity?

I realized that a business must thrive in order to do good. I know in my heart if your business is not sustainable (meaning time-tested), it is hard for anyone to tell a convincing God story (i.e., His faithfulness, love, mercy, grace in your life and why our God is worth believing, etc.). Things must make sense, so there are real people, real work, real lives, and a real story – no shortcuts and no free meal.

How are you using your skills/gifts at Bakery Brera?

God gives everyone specific talents and gifts and my job (with my previous HR experience) is to gather the necessary skills through hiring so we can all complement each other and form one big family. God seemed to prepare me for this mission field a long time ago since my training as an engineer allowed me to troubleshoot problems, fix and repair them, and be IT savvy. My HR experience helps me in all staffing issues, manpower planning, training, coaching, and counselling. In short, God had this plan for me from a very early stage of my life. All the skills, gifts, and talents He equipped me with were timely and were usefully applied in this bakery mission field. He further trained me in how to manage a business through the leadership principles that I could draw readily from Bible.

What are some examples of impact through business?

  1. You are in a position to hire and provide employment to people in need or lacking employment.
  2. Your area of influence is very big from staff to customers to the community and you are able to practice and showcase God in your life and how you live it out.
  3. You have indirect influence like supporting missionaries, charities, or any social causes/needy people that God calls you to support.
  4. There are many platforms to do outreach – from walk-in retail shops to social media which is a regional, if not global, presence. I enjoy writing about my business journey on my social media blog. I talk about how to overcome the odds through God’s power and how to celebrate joy through God’s blessings and everything else about being a business owner like your lifestyle, your daily walk, and your faith as a Christian and as a body of Christ.
  5. There are opportunities for coaching and discipleship. Being able to journey together at work is a plus point to go deeper in a person’s life and provide more targeted support in a more meaningful manner to see growth and breakthrough in the younger generation’s life.

What are some examples of some of the meaningful things you do?

We employ persons with special needs, mental health challenges, dropouts, and/or needy people. We can raise funds for needy people through our social media followers. We sent care packages to frontline workers and migrant workers during the pandemic. We collaborated with other like-minded companies to do combined outreach. The good things that came out were that my pastries were well-liked by people. We get interviews and talks. Being spokespersons and being featured in media we are able to attribute all our success and testimonies to God. In short, the Lord has prospered us so we could be a bigger vessel for Him.

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