FORUM SPOTLIGHT: The Most Successfully Crowdfunded CleanTech Innovation in History!

Where do great ideas come from?  What sectors are ripe for innovation?  What are the pressing needs of the world?  One of these is harm to the environment, and the perils of climate change, which is increasingly a primary concern. One response is Clean Technology or CleanTech which is addressing the environmental concerns of people and governments.

A practical innovation in this area will be highlighted at the ELO National Forum on November 30th. It addresses how for many, throwing away food waste is one of their most dreaded chores at home. While keeping a traditional home composting system can help, it is cumbersome, takes a while to process, and requires constant maintenance.

A machine called Lomi offers a solution. Lomi can turn waste into compost, which can then be used for indoor plants and an outdoor garden. Lomi becomes a natural source of nutrients, helping enrich the soil and boost plants’ growth. When done by many people, this can significantly lessen the carbon footprint and help the environment by reducing the amount of methane gas generated from food waste.

Lomi does three things: it breaks down waste, creates compost, and decomposes bioplastics. Other devices only dehydrate food and don’t create nutrient-rich compost. Lomi, by contrast, is a completely new technology and patents are pending.

Lomi is an outgrowth of a business called Pela Case, which makes compostable phone cases and related products. Pela’s goal is to create a waste-free future. Pela develops and promotes products made of environmentally sensible materials that make a positive impact on people and our planet. Their slogan: “Everyday Products Without Everyday Waste.” Their goal is to keep one billion pounds of waste from ever being made.

Brad Pedersen of Kelowna, BC, is Co-Founder and Chair of Pela. Brad is a long-time ELO Advisory Board Member, a participant in the ELO Oxford ELP, and a key supporter. Brad will participate in a Q&A Session with Rick Goossen, Chairman at ELO, at the upcoming ELO National Forum 2021 on November 30th.

Brad’s session will focus on, “The Process of Innovation: How to Pick the Winners.” As a serial entrepreneur, Brad has reviewed, invested in, and run various ventures. Brad will share his approach to the commercialization of ideas and how to go from concept to production. He will highlight that failing is an important part of the process of innovation and ultimately in succeeding in life. He will also discuss why the “the field of dreams” model doesn’t work.

Brad will then review the process of innovation which led to the creation of Lomi. He will also discuss why they decided to utilize the crowdfunding model. A total of C$8,917,267 was raised from 19,379 backers. Lomi became the most successful cleantech crowdfunded product in history (to learn more about Lomi click here).

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