"Public Speaking Laws of Success” Launched Today!

Public Speaking Laws of Success: For Everyone and Every Occasion (New York, NY: Morgan James) by Richard J. Goossen is officially launched today!  The book is available via Amazon.  For information on the book, please see our previous series of blogs.

The Economist Magazine often uses “headers” (or article titles) which are witty, comical and insightful, all at once. I’ve been inspired by them, though I am not claiming to have emulated them. I can say, however, that this Table of Contents, summarizing the 50 public speaking laws of success based on 50 stories, has sold many people on the book! So, here, all in one blog post is a list of all 50 laws. 

A—The Mechanics

  1. What, Me Worry?
  2. Attention, Please!
  3. The One-Minute Test
  4. The Hook
  5. Story Time
  6. It’s Not About You
  7. Structure & Symmetry
  8. Rooms for Improvement
  9. Know Your Audience
  10. Big Mo
  11. Be Engaging
  12. Be Prepared
  13. Be Present
  14. Goldilocks
  15. Humor Is No Joke
  16. Less is More
  17. Touch the Heart
  18. Authenticity
  19. Focus
  20. Offensive Language
  21. The Most Dangerous 15 Seconds
  22. The Next Most Dangerous 15 Seconds

B—The Key Principles

  1. Feedback from Yourself & Others
  2. Play to Your Strengths
  3. Embellishment
  4. Drunks, Prostitutes, and Bulls
  5. Abuse of the Platform
  6. Speaker’s Hara-Kiri
  7. Murphy Is Your Friend
  8. Bring Your “A Game”
  9. A True Standing Ovation
  10. Pratfalls & Pitfalls

C—The Digital Environment

  1. The Same, Yet Different
  2. Conference Panels & Webinar Presentations
  3. Business & Board Meetings

D—The Applications

  1. Introductions
  2. Being an Emcee
  3. Open Mic
  4. Spontaneous Combustion
  5. Business Presentation
  6. Hands-On Presentation
  7. Chairing A Board Meeting
  8. The Interview Format
  9. The Workshop
  10. Four Weddings
  11. …And a Funeral
  12. University Lecture
  13. The Perils of Panels
  14. Sermonizing
  15. Your Honor



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