Steve Chipman

Steve ChipmanSteve Chipman, President & CEO of Birchwood Automotive Group

About the Presentation

Topic: “Jets, Cars, Family, Community & Values.”

Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen, Chair, ELO Network, will facilitate a Q & A with Mark and Steve Chipman. In addition to interaction with the audience, Mark and Steve will also address following questions:

  1. How did your family get started in business and what type of imprint did your father, Bob, put on the company?
  2. It’s a family business—what are the advantages of that?
  3. Describe how your involvement in the automotive industry has evolved since inception. The story of the Jets returning to Winnipeg is well-known, but in your mind, what was the key (your vision, tenancy, collaboration) to getting that done?
  4. What are your business values? What are your personal values? Why is it important to be a community contributor?

About the Speaker  

Steve Chipman is President & CEO of Birchwood Automotive Group. He is a lawyer by profession and a highly experienced business leader. He has attended past ELO Forums in Winnipeg and is a past participant in the ELO Leadership Program at the University of Oxford. Under Steve’s leadership, Birchwood, starting over 55 years ago, has grown to become one of Manitoba’s largest automotive dealership groups. Birchwood is a values-driven organization, recognized as a top employer in Canada and currently employing over 1,100 people. Birchwood is based on four key company values, as outlined on their website. The first is personal leadership. “Individual responsibility, commitment, and accountability from each of our team members fosters personal leadership.” Second, there is trust and respect. “Respect for the uniqueness of every individual creates strong, trusting working relationships with team members, customers, and business partners.” Third, there is continuous improvement: “sustained success depends upon our ability to continually strive to improve each and every aspect of what we do and who we are.” Fourth, there is generosity. Birchwood realizes that “gifts of time, talent, and resources strengthen our communities, our teams, and our team members.” In the community, Birchwood has been a dedicated supporter and contributor to the United Way for over 25 years. Team members have contributed over $7 million to the annual campaign over the years.