Ray Pennings

Ray Pennings 23Ray Pennings, Co-Founder & Executive VP, Cardus

Ottawa, ON, Canada

About the Presenter

Ray Pennings is the co-founder of Cardus, a leading Canadian think tank. His work focuses on the public dimensions of faith, especially as it informs the work of the full range of social institutions and their contribution to public life. He authors a popular weekly newsletter, Cardus Insights, written to provide engaged citizens with resources for faith, leadership, and public life. In addition to his own punditry, Ray leads a team of social entrepreneurs who are thinking through challenges such as overcoming social isolation, cultivating public virtue, and enhancing freedom in diverse contexts, contributing to the conversation with research and data reports, public commentary, and facilitated events. Ray holds a Masters Degree in Theology. He and his wife Kathy are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and are active in their local church and community organizations.

About the Presentation

Topic: "Cardus Forecast: Analyzing Canada's Troubled Public Square"

  • Is there a Canadian Identity?
  • What is happening with shifting politics?
  • Can our institutions handle Canada's challenges (politics, economics, education, health)?
  • What external factors will affect Canada?
  • What are some go-forward questions for reflection?
  • How do we manage the pendulum swings and model Christian leadership?