Hal Bagley

Hal Bagley 2022Hal Bagley, Principal of Elevate2Lead

About the Presentation

Topic: “How to Be An Entrepreneurial in Business, NPOs and Churches”

Hal will participate in a Q & A Session facilitated by Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen that will cover among the following issues:

  1. How big organizations stay innovative / entrepreneurial
  2. How to address the challenges related to scaling a business
  3. the role of collaboration in growing an organization
  4. the core aspects of being an “entrepreneurially-minded” leader
  5. How business leaders can effectively contribute to the work of NPOs
  6. How business leaders can work effectively with churches

About the Presenter

Hal Bagley is the Principal at Elevate2Lead, a leadership coaching experience that combines dynamic leadership coaching with strategic business consultation and management of the self to create heightened personal and organizational success.  Hal has extensive entrepreneurial and leadership experience in both the business and nonprofit sectors.

He started his career as a Systems Engineer at Ford Aerospace, Newport Beach, CA and was provided numerous growth opportunities resulting in being the fastest promoted engineer in the history of that division of 3,000 people. 

He was previously VP Process Excellence, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Littleton, CO, where he led the streamlining of tools and processes for the $9B organization to improve its competitive position in a rapidly changing market. He built coalitions amongst a very diverse team of 550 people to institute cultural change throughout the organization.

He was a member of an executive team of four (as VP and COO) that grew a high-tech company, Coherent Technologies, Inc. (CTI), from 19 employees and $2M annual revenue to 200 employees and $40M.  Year after year they produced continuous profitability and 20% to 45% annual revenue growth.  As CTI grew from 20 to 200 employees, they went through all phases of growth and building coalitions throughout the organization. 

He is founder and board chair at a nonprofit organization called “Pearl,” which provides hope and stability to single parent families through free safety repairs to vehicles, clothing, child care scholarships, child mentoring and financial training.  As founder and Board Chair, he continues to set the vision, recruit volunteers, raise funding, provide leadership coaching, and formulate a sustainable model.  This is accomplished alongside his business pursuits. They currently serve 130 single parent families with 1.5 paid staff and approximately 200 volunteers.

He is on the board and current chair of Longmont United Hospital, Centura Health Systems, Longmont, CO. He has provided leadership on numerous topics including: culture integration, market strategy, diversification, nurse unionization, pandemic challenges and business model evolution.

Core to his accomplishments is his thirst to continuously learn and grow, and to share that knowledge and growth with those around him. 

Hal and his wife of 31 years have three children and 9 grandchildren. He has navigated various life challenges. He came back to his faith in his early 40s. He is faith focused and aspires to make a difference every day. His hobbies include backpacking, flyfishing, hiking and Adventure motorcycling.  

He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, 1984, with graduate studies at the University of California, Irvine.