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ELO Counsel helps family businesses, entrepreneurs, and business owners succeed through transition, governance, and strategy solutions.

We connect with prospective clients in many ways, but there is a common occurrence, and perhaps that reflects a situation you are in right now.

There is typically a “precipitating event”—something has gone wrong. There is conflict that remains unresolved. There is an ache that can no longer be ignored.

Families, business owners, and entrepreneurs are compelled to find a solution. They want to identify an expert outside party that can assist them. This is typically the juncture at which ELO Counsel gets involved.

ELO Counsel recognizes that the flare-up, however, is generally an outgrowth of various deeper issues. To then address the flare-up requires a review of the underlying issues, in other words, to get to the core disease. If not, we will continually be treating the symptoms only.

Solving the problems is always a process and not an event. The issues didn’t take a week to arise and they won’t take a week to solve. In our experience, the issues can be successfully resolved, but it takes time and commitment and determination.

The companies that thrive for an extended period of time are generally the ones that invest in themselves and take the time to address key issues.

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