Christina Hinton

Christina HintonChristina Hinton, Ph.D., is a Research Associate at the Human Flourishing Program and the Founder and CEO of Research Schools International. At Harvard, Dr. Hinton leads the Human Flourishing Program's work in education, researching character skills (e.g., kindness, gratitude, seeing the good in others) that support loving relationships and flourishing in schools internationally. She also co-leads our Flourishing Network, spearheading its education and entrepreneurship initiatives. At RSI, Dr. Hinton leads research and professional development to promote learning and flourishing in schools around the world. Prior to her current roles, Dr. Hinton was a faculty member at Harvard Graduate School of Education, lecturing on the neuroscience of learning, character education, and school-based research. She also worked in multilateral diplomacy and international policy-making at the OECD’s Center for Educational Research and Innovation and UNICEF. At the OECD, she was a primary editor and author of the books, Understanding the Brain: The Birth of a Learning Science and Languages in a Global World: Learning for Better Cultural Understanding. She completed her doctorate and Master’s in education, neuroscience, and child development at Harvard.