Camilo Garcia

Camilo GarciaCamilo Garcia, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Opportunity International Inc., Latin America

Bogota, Colombia

About the Interviewer

As Vice President of Strategic Partnerships in Latin America, Camilo García is responsible for leading and overseeing locally the strategy definition and development follow up in the Region, especially in Colombia.

He has been working for Opportunity International for the last 12 years. Before his current role, he served as CEO of Opportunity’s Bank (Microfinance Institution) in Colombia. For more the last 2 years where he was able to successfully lead the Bank in the sale process, having a financially and socially sustainable operation, and growing the number of savings and loan clients. He was appointed in this position recognizing the work he previously did as CFO of the Opportunity bank in Colombia for 7 years, where he led and oversaw all financial and accounting operations, including corporate relationships.

Camilo joined Opportunity International after working for Financiera Compartir, a Microfinance Bank, located in Bogotá, where he worked his way from planning analyst in 2006 to CFO in 2009 and also led from the financial area the merger with another microfinance institution.

In search of a finance company with a social mission, he first joined Opportunity as a consultant. In that role, he focused on designing a new structure that would support Opportunity’s transition from three non-governmental entities into one formal financial institution.

Camilo earned a master’s degree in finance from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and holds two bachelor’s degrees from the Universidad del Rosario, also in Bogotá—one in Finance and International Trade and one in Economics.

He has proactively continued his education by participating in Opportunity’s own Executive Development Program and the noted Boulder Microfinance Institute in San Jose, Costa Rica. He is also a Global Alliance Banking on Values Leadership Academy 2022 Cohort alumni.

Among his other accomplishments, Camilo is known for his ability to deliver under great pressure and is a beloved supervisor and treasured colleague. He sits on the Board of Opportunity’s Colombia NGO, AGAPE, and did also in the Board of Opportunity’s Bank in Colombia.

Camilo is based in Bogota, Colombia and he loves spending his spare time playing with his son Juan Martin.

About the Presentation

Camilo will be conducting a Q&A with and translating for Mitzi Machado, Executive Director, AGAPE.

Topic: "Entrepreneurial Leadership for Non-Profit Organizations"

Non-profit organizations need to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset in order to survive and thrive. That’s not easy. Learn how entrepreneurial leadership can help a nonprofit organization maximize its missional impact. Further, business leaders and entrepreneurs are more inclined to support organizations that align with their values. This session will be of interest both to supporters of NPOs who will develop greater clarity regarding the types of organizations they may wish to support and to leaders of NPOs who will be able to reflect on best practices for running their organizations.