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There are various aspects to our approach in order to successfully address the issues of transition planning.

1. Succession plans generally fail due to interpersonal issues rather than technical issues. Skilled professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, can devise a plan on paper. These are plans that may make a lot of sense to one set of stakeholders, such as the parents. The problem is that one or more of the other stakeholders, the next generation, may not agree with the plan, even when well-intentioned. Due to our extensive experience with family businesses, we realize that these situations require a deft touch. The solution is the handling of interpersonal dynamics.

2. Focus on implementation. The standard trope is that 80% of plans fail for lack of execution. A business owner engages an expert who provides a great plan—and it ends up on a shelf. With ELO Counsel, we put together actions plans for all our recommendations and then work with you to implement those plans. We emphasize the best practices to you. We have worked with enough companies that we can help you understand how to succeed with your business.

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