Mitzi Machado

Mitzi MachadoMitzi Machado, Executive Director, AGAPE

Barranquilla, Colombia

About the Presenter

Mitzi Machado Ariza has more than 25 years of experience in microfinance, supporting vulnerable populations in the area of income-generating programs aimed at empowering marginalized people to work their way out of poverty sustainably. She has a broad area of focus in microinsurance and microsavings product development, training, expansion strategies and market studies to name a few.

She has worked as an impact evaluation, product development and training consultant for Opportunity International network partners such as ASPIRE in the Dominican Republic, ASODENIC in Nicaragua and ASIDME in Peru. She has also consulted for Tearfund, The Iris Institute at the University of Maryland, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision's Produce Foundation and Microsave.

She has worked as a virtual professor for the Project Management diploma offered by Tearfund through the Biblical Seminary University of Colombia for Latin America, as a national coordinator of the global program "EduQuality" of Opportunity International and she is currently the Executive Director of Agape in Colombia following many years as the Director of Operations.

Mitzi is a lawyer and holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia. She is certified by MICROSAVE-AFRICA as a consultant for South America of the products that this organization has developed for market studies and product design for microfinance institutions.

Mitzi Machado Ariza is a Christian since childhood and attends the Koinonia Bible Church, ministerially serves in the church as pianist and director of the choir Los Cantores de Asaf.

About the Presentation

Camilo Garcia, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Opportunity International Inc., Latin America, will be conducting a Q&A with and translating for Mitzi Machado.

Topic: "Entrepreneurial Leadership for Non-Profit Organizations"

Non-profit organizations need to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset in order to survive and thrive. That’s not easy. Learn how entrepreneurial leadership can help a nonprofit organization maximize its missional impact. Further, business leaders and entrepreneurs are more inclined to support organizations that align with their values. This session will be of interest both to supporters of NPOs who will develop greater clarity regarding the types of organizations they may wish to support and to leaders of NPOs who will be able to reflect on best practices for running their organizations.