NEWS RELEASE: “ELO Oxford Awards” Launched at Wycliffe Hall!

NEWS RELEASE – OXFORD, ENGLAND - Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (ELO) is pleased to announce the launch of two initiatives to assist students at Wycliffe Hall, a permanent private hall of the University of Oxford (

ELO recently started the “Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme” (ELP), a one-week intensive executive education course, in collaboration with Wycliffe Hall.  The purpose of the ELP is to equip Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders for greater difference-making in business, church, non-profit organizations and society.  The inaugural ELP was a huge success with participants from throughout North America and Asia (see:  The ELP attracted a world-class roster of instructors, an outstanding international cohort and was held in the stimulating environment of Oxford. The ELP will be offered on an annual basis. The next ELP will take place from August 11th – 19th in 2019. 

Wycliffe Hall is committed to enabling as many students as possible to train for ministry and to study theology in preparation for their future calling whether that be the ordained ministry or lay ministry.  International students face particularly high costs to study at Oxford. 

The first initiative is the “ELO Oxford Scholarship Programme,” which is intended to help qualified recipients who demonstrate the greatest need and academic promise.  The initial funding for the scholarship has come from the collective contributions of the ELO Oxford 2018 cohort, along with some matching from ELO.   The intent is that the ELO Oxford Scholarship Programme will be replenished annually with the support of each year’s cohort.  The ELO Oxford Scholarship Programme in its first year will be able to provide approximately £20,000 (C$35,000).  Students will be eligible to receive a maximum of £5,000 (C$8,500) so that four students will be assisted for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The second initiative is the “ELO Oxford Prize” which will allow a Wycliffe Hall student to participate in the ELP at no charge.  This will provide a rare opportunity for a deserving student to interact with a carefully-selected cohort of Christian business leaders from around the world.  A student will be selected based on entrepreneurial interest and ability, good academic standing and the prospects of applying their learning to their future endeavours.  The ELO Oxford Prize has a value of approximately £5,000 (C$8,500).

Rev Dr. Michael Lloyd, Principal, Wycliffe Hall explains that, “Excellent theological and ministerial training is invaluable, and we must continue to maintain our exceptional standards.  Yet the financial cost of providing such training is high.  Wycliffe has a rich Christian heritage but is not rich in a worldly sense; we have no endowments.”

ELO, along with the ELO Oxford 2018 cohort of attendees, is supportive Wycliffe Hall's pursuit of excellence within the framework of a world-renowned institution and its desire to continue to have a global impact on the Christian community.