NEWS RELEASE: ELO & Eagle’s Flight Enter into Collaboration Agreement

NEWS RELEASE - VANCOUVER, CANADA - FEBRUARY 26, 2018 - ELO has developed a global niche as a leader in training and executive education of values-based entrepreneurial leaders (  ELO has held over 50 events in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore since 2005.  ELO has an unmatched track record of attracting the world’s top practitioners and thought leaders.  In addition, ELO has recently launched the Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute in collaboration with Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford (    ELO’s founder, Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen, writes and speaks extensively on the topic of entrepreneurial leadership.

Eagle’s Flight is an innovative leader in the development and delivery of practical training programs for the global business community. Through experiential learning, they give organizations of all sizes a competitive edge by significantly strengthening their workforce through lasting behavior change. Founded in 1988, their offerings include skill-based programs, corporate events, leadership training, and culture transformations. Eagle’s Flight has worked with over 50% of the Fortune 500.   Globally, their programs are offered in 20 languages and represented by international licensees in 35 countries. This global network allows Eagle’s Flight to seamlessly work with large, multinational companies and provide them with consistent training messages, methods, and solutions regardless of geography.

The Collaboration Agreement encompasses three aspects.  First, ELO and Eagle’s Flight will be offering a unique workshop titled, “How To Be An Entrepreneurial Leader, Powered by Eagle’s Flight.”  This Workshop is rooted in “experiential learning”—this is defined as “a nonrelated work activity with direct and predictable application back on the job.”  The Workshop combines the strengths of two organizations—ELO and Eagle’s Flight—to produce the world’s leading training for individuals to be entrepreneurial leaders within their organizations.  This workshop will be included in the afternoon session of upcoming ELO Forums.

Second, Phil Geldart, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eagle’s Flight, will be a keynote speaker at upcoming ELO Forums.  Phil is a recognized authority in the areas of transforming organizational culture and leadership development.  Phil is a powerful speaker, author of seven insightful books in areas crucial to performance improvement, such as leadership, teamwork, experiential learning and culture transformation; and he is a recognized thought leader in the area of releasing human potential.

Third, Eagle’s Flight will be a Platinum Sponsor at each of the ELO Forums in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Toronto in 2018.  Eagle’s Flight recognizes the value of connecting with ELO’s extensive constituency of marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders from across Canada and beyond.

“Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization is committed to equipping and strengthening leaders in practical ways, a passion shared by Eagle's Flight” says Phil Geldart. "This shared vision will make this collaboration all the more powerful for those individuals attending the events. They'll be inspired to even more effectively lead in their world today, and with enhance skills and knowledge to achieve their full potential."