Vision, Mission & Values



To become the world’s leading organization to connect, equip, and celebrate Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders.


ELO pursues its vision through:

Publications — articles, books, and e-books rooted in expertise of Christian entrepreneurial leadership are based on comprehensive interviews with leading Christian entrepreneurs worldwide—from billionaires to one-person consultancies—and an in-depth analysis of the theology and practice of entrepreneurial leadership.

Website — creating and sustaining the leading website focused on Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leadership, including the use of social media and blogs.

Public Speaking — keynotes, seminars, and courses for churches, para-church organizations, and executive groups worldwide.

Conferences — focus on the pioneering of the signature ELO Conferences which equip, connect, and celebrate Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders, with the broad-based support of a number of commercial and non-profit organizations.


The values underlying the vision and mission of the ELO are as follows:

  • Innovation - we strive to embody the qualities of an entrepreneurial organization, focused on innovation that is related to serving ELO's constituency of Christian entrepreneurial leaders.
  • Pursuit of Excellence – we pursue excellence by working with the world’s top thought leaders and most prestigious and influential institutions and organizations in order to be best of its class in focused activities.
  • Independence - we provide high-quality, credible, independent activities that facilitate the pursuit of ELO's vision and mission.
  • International - we seek to have an impact of a global basis, spanning different cultures, focused on Christian entrepreneurial leaders in other developed and developing nation contexts.
  • Self-Sustaining - ELO, which neither seeks nor accepts donations, sustains itself by providing publications, public speaking, and conferences at fair market value.
  • Volunteer Supported - we rely on attracting volunteers who are supportive of our vision and mission and can volunteer time in order to reduce operating costs.
  • Corporate Supported - we rely on attracting corporate sponsors who pay fair market value for the promotional benefit of being associated with the activities of ELO.
  • Entrepreneurial Focused - we are sustained only by our ability to continue to provide a valuable service to those interested in Christian entrepreneurial leadership.
  • Inclusive - we collaborate and work synergistically with a broad array of denominations, para-church organizations, commercial enterprises, and academic institutions in order to achieve our own mission and to facilitate that of others.
  • Conviction – The existence of ELO underscores the importance to entrepreneurs themselves, the church, and the marketplace of the positive impact of equipped, connected, and inspired Christian entrepreneurial leaders.