Unique Value Proposition

 The ELO Peer Advisory Groups are unique and innovative in nature. Read below to find out more about its value proposition.


  1. Innovative – we aspire to the most innovative and client-focused peer advisory group network
  2. Global Roster of Expert Presenters – from Oxford, Australia, Los Angeles, New York, and more. 
  3. Learning Sessions - we currently have a unique curriculum focused on “The Dimensions of Character” (i.e. Ambition, Compassion, Justice), as everything rises and falls on values-based leadership
  4. Networking – an opportunity to build community with Christian leaders in the Network who are impacting the world
  5. Peer Group – get insights and wisdom from your group regarding your current challenges
  6. Entrepreneurial Leadership – keep honing your skills through a regular exchange between members of innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to grow your business
  7. 1:1 Review Sessions - a holistic leadership focus is at the core, so you bring your integrated self to the discussion
  8. Blended/Time Efficient Model – we integrate virtual meetings with in-person gatherings to blend community building with time efficiency
  9. Member Events & Annual Gathering – members connect in person throughout the year, whether in clusters, at ELO Forums throughout Canada, or in Oxford
  10. Cost-Effective – the cost is very reasonable in the market for the value received

To apply, please fill out and submit a Request for Information Form to Admin@ELONetwork.org.