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The venue for this year's ELO Forum is “The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre.”

222 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0R3

"The hotel is widely considered the city’s finest example of the chateau-style of architecture first seen in the magnificent railway hotels built across Canada before 1930. Architects Ross and MacFarlane of Montreal modelled their original plans for the hotel after Ottawa's Chateau Laurier. The hotel rose majestically to a height of 192 feet and held 340 rooms, each with a private bathroom.

In the past, the hotel has welcomed a long list of distinguished guests, including Nelson Eddy, Harry Belafonte, Charles Laughton, Lawrence Olivier, Liberace, Arthur Fiedler, Louis Armstrong, Gordie Howe and Lester Pearson. Perhaps the most famous guests were King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, who stayed at the hotel during their 1939 visit to Canada.

Today, following extensive renovations, The Fort Garry has renewed its reputation for quality and service and re-established its place among Canada's grand hotels, offering an ambiance unequalled by many of its peers and more modern counterparts. To many people, The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre is more than an elegant hotel. It is an architectural icon and a vibrant, enduring piece of Winnipeg history." (See

PLEASE NOTE:  The ELO Forum is in “The Grand Ballroom” of the hotel’s Conference Centre which is attached by a walkway and is directly behind the Hotel. In addition, there is ample space available in the multilevel parkade which is also behind the Hotel and has convenient access to the Grand Ballroom.