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We invite you to be part of a unique, high-level international gathering for Christian marketplace leaders, with Dr. Rick Goossen, Chairman and Founder of ELO (Entrepreneurial Leadership Organisation) Network and Dr. Bill Foo as Joint Chair for the upcoming ELO Forum in Singapore.  The ELO Network, based in Vancouver, whose purpose is to connect, equip and celebrate Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders has a long track record of excellence in executive education.  A primary means to achieve this purpose is through “ELO Forums,” which are annual events that bring together great speakers and marketplace leaders.  ELO has held over 50 events since 2005 in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and Hong Kong,  In addition, ELO runs an executive education programme at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford (www.ELOOxford.com) (Bill was an instructor and teacher last year).  Why have an event?  We have found that the ELO Forums are completely unique and distinct from other marketplace offerings and provides an important impetus for innovative and entrepreneurial, divinely-inspired difference-making (which is the thrust of our Oxford “Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme”).   The ELO Group presents experts in their respective fields with a unique format of Q & A and interaction with the attendees (thus it is called a “Forum”).  The event in Singapore will be a regional event with speakers in their respective expertise. The "ELO Entrepreneurial Leaders Forum" will take place on Tuesday, June 25, 2019.