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Janice Regehr is the founder and president of Pineridge Hollow

As an entrepreneur, Jan and her team have grown Pineridge Hollow from its humble beginnings 28 years ago to a destination restaurant and wedding venue, and a furniture, clothing and gift store. The focus on farm to table has been taken so seriously that in 2016, Jan and her husband Ralph bought a 53-acre farm and transformed it into a regenerative farm where they raise pastured pork, chickens, fruit, and vegetables for the restaurant. The vision doesn’t stop with the current destination. Jan is in the process of purchasing 12 adjacent acres to Pineridge and Birds Hill Park. This land will be developed to include a merchant village, expanded farmers' market, furniture and design centre, garden centre, and an inn and spa with an outdoor treatment room and pools. Jan has won Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, a business leadership award from the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and was on the list of the Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs in Canada. Jan wants to live in a world where people and the world are cherished. A world where growth is valued above being “right” and where generosity creates collaboration in ways we can only imagine!