Introduction to ELO Group


ELO Counsel ( is part of “ELO Group,” which has since 2005 established a premium brand among family business owners and entrepreneurs across Canada.  ELO Group also includes ELO Network and the Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute.  The purpose of ELO Network ( is to connect, equip and celebrate Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders.  ELO has since 2005 successfully organized over 50 ELO Forums and other events in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore.  ELO Network impacts about 100,000 people annually through its newsletters, social media, events and online resources.  ELO Group also established the Entrepreneurial Leaders Institute in collaboration with Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford (   This global centre for excellence launched the very successful “Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme (ELP),” a one-week executive education course, attracting top business leaders and instructors from around the world.  ELO Group continues to grow significantly.  In 2018, ELO had Forums in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Toronto; a public lecture in Singapore; a Workshop in Vancouver; and successfully launched the Oxford ELP.