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Whether Vancouver, Toronto, Hong Kong, Calgary, or Singapore, the ELO Forums are the single most important annual events for Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders in their respective cities. Our conferences are one-day events where business leaders and executives can network and connect with others, gain more understanding about their calling, and learn from a great roster of presenters.

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This year's Forum theme is Bridge-Building Leadership. After two years of COVID, people have rarely been more polarized. As a result, there has hardly been a time with a greater need for bridge-building leadership. Here are five sources of polarization which create chasms in our society and workplaces:

1 – Government Reach

2 – Concepts of Work

3 - Generations

4 - Inclusivity & Diversity

5 – Religions & Their Institutions



How do we build bridges across these five chasms? The Forum will cover these issues, allow opportunity for discussion, and provide action items. In addition, we will highlight the faith and entrepreneurial journeys of some marketplace leaders.

There is an important role for bridge-building leadership which can inspire people with a vision of the common good. This will be the start of bridging the five chasms in a post-pandemic polarized world. The more successful leaders will reflect an ability to do so. In each case we are asking, "How can we become more effective bridge-building leaders?"


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ELO has been holding its annual Forum in Toronto since 2012. To see what we've done in previous years, click on the links below.


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“The Forum was inspiring, encouraging and challenging. We were reminded that we are called to make disciples in whatever we do.”

"A great reminder that God has a purpose for me and also that I am to be bold in my faith and not keep it secret.”

"I am encouraged that I am not alone in my journey as an entrepreneur to advance God’s kingdom.”

“We think that being a Christian means to ‘believe in Jesus’ but as Richard Blackaby [keynote speaker] explained is that what it really means is ‘to follow Jesus’.”