Introduction to ELO Counsel


ELO Counsel provides transition, governance and strategy solutions for family businesses and entrepreneurs across Canada.  

  • Transition - succession, management buy-out or sale.  ELO Counsel, along with key partners, is able to handle the buying/selling process on behalf of clients. 
  • Governance - organizational audits, creation and management of a board of directors, advisory boards and advisory summits. 
  • Strategy – curated leadership sessions, strategic reviews, innovation audits, analyses, recommendations and action plans. 

ELO Counsel works exclusively with Nicola Wealth (, Canada’s fastest-growing independent wealth management firm, in order to deliver a comprehensive and integrated service for clients.  ELO Counsel’s focus is to create value for high net worth family business owners and entrepreneurs and to help them be more effective difference-makers.  The bottom line: ELO has unrivalled experience and expertise understanding, working with and providing value for entrepreneurs.  ELO has worked with and researched the best practices of over 500 entrepreneurs and business owners since 2005.  Current clients include:  smaller businesses; those who are Canadian leaders in their field; and Canadian companies who are international leaders in their industry.  ELO offers a unique value proposition that resonates with family business owners and entrepreneurs.