ELO Network -  Christian Marketplace Leaders

The ELO Webinars are an outgrowth of the circumstance we are in as a global community. The ELO Network aims to connect, equip and celebrate Christian entrepreneurial and marketplace leaders and will continue to do so by gathering virtually through the ELO Webinars.

The ELO Webinars feature Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Goossen, Chairman, Advisory Board, ELO Group and Strategic Counsel, Nicola Wealth, facilitating a Q&A and interaction with a live audience. The focus of each ELO Webinar is to ask the most pertinent questions for the particular guest and to encourage questions from our global audience. Dr. Goossen will base the interview on a set of predetermined questions and integrate questions from the audience throughout the interview.

Join the global conversation and take this opportunity to learn and be encouraged.

"ELO Webinars are always a priority for me - timely speakers, relevant topics, guided discussion, and useful information - and with the ability to ask questions in real time. A rich resource and brief break from everyday activities to enrich your learning. You will not be disappointed."