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Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization collaborates with and provides inspiration to Transforming Business, University of Cambridge, UK ( Transforming Business is a research and development project on Christianity and entrepreneurship in the University of Cambridge. Transforming Business is a multi-disciplinary research and development project at the University of Cambridge.  Dr Peter Heslam, Director of Transforming Business, works particularly closely with faculty at the University's divinity and business schools and with leaders in international business. He is also the chief co-ordinator of the international network of business practitioners, ethicists, economists, consultants, educators and opinion formers that surrounds the project. Dr. Helsam's academic background includes social science, history, ethics and theology and he holds degrees from Oxford and Cambridge. Dr. Heslam has an established international reputation for work at the interface between ethics, business, society and culture. He is a prolific writer, speaker, researcher and commentator on the role of business in economic and social development. His publications include Globalization: Unravelling the New Capitalism, Globalization and the Good and Transforming Capitalism: Entrepreneurship and the Renewal of Thrift

Dr. Rick Goossen collaborates with Transforming Business in several ways. On a formal level he is Director of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Transforming Business. This role involved research collaboration with and providing direction to Dr. Heslam.  Dr. Goossen has pioneered a research program that includes over 300 interviews with Christian entrepreneurs throughout the world.  A number of these interviews were featured in five volumes titled, Entrepreneurial Leaders: Reflections on Faith at Work and in a subsequent book (co-authored with R. Paul Stevens) titled, Entrepreneurial Leadership: Finding Your Calling, Making A Difference (IVP, 2013). Dr. Heslam, using the format and guidelines provided by Dr. Goossen, conducted interviews with entrepreneurs from Brazil and South Africa. Two of these interviews were included in Vol. 5 of Dr. Goossen’s Entrepreneurial Leaders: Reflections on Faith at Work.  In addition, Dr Heslam has adopted the format devised by Dr. Goossen in order to conduct further interviews which were not included in Dr. Goossen’s publications.

Dr. Heslam has participated in ELO events in both Vancouver and Toronto over the past years. With the knowledge gained by Dr. Heslam from ELO and his collaboration with Dr. Goossen, Dr. Heslam, in homage to ELO, launched an “Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative.” Dr. Heslam worked with the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture (Oxford) and the Marketplace Institute (Ridley College, Melbourne) to establish the Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative (ELI). The initiative, according to the website, “focuses on the positive potential of socially and environmentally responsible leadership in business and its implications for leadership in other spheres.” ELO is pleased that its focus on advocating the important role of entrepreneurial leaders and the use of the term entrepreneurial leadership, especially among Christian thought leaders, has been adopted via Dr. Heslam at both Cambridge and Oxford.