The Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization thrives due to an extensive global network of support.

The ELO "Advisory Board" is comprised of leading Christian entrepreneurs from throughout North America to Asia.

ELO draws on a prestigious roster of "Guest Faculty" drawn from leading universities throughout the world, such as Yale, McGill and Baylor.  Our Guest Faculty have participated in past Entrepreneurial Leader Conferences.

ELO conducts ongoing research in the area of Christian entrepreneurial leadership and incorporates the excellent work of "Adjunct Researchers."  These researchers conduct interviews with leading Christian entrepreneurs around the world. 

ELO works specifically with Transforming Business, a research centre located at University of Cambridge, where Rick Goossen, Chairman, ELO, is Director of Entrepreneurial Leadership.

ELO works closely with World Evangelical Alliance ("WEA") through a joint initiative to pursue the mission to equip, connect and inspire Christian entrepreneurial leaders for global impact.