This section of our website highlights some of the upcoming seminars, courses & keynotes being delivered by Dr. Richard J. Goossen.  Dr. Goossen is a professional public speaker who accepts speaking engagements on a selective basis.  In the event that you wish to enquire about Dr. Goossen’s availability to speak at your event, please contact ELO via info@entrepreneurialleaders.com. 


"Rick Goossen is the renaissance man of entrepreneurship. With Canadian and U.S. law degrees, he has the legal knowledge. He founded and runs a business that raises money for entrepreneurs, so he has the financial knowledge. He teaches entrepreneurial skills at the university level, so he has the academic knowledge. And perhaps most importantly, all of Goossen's entrepreneurial knowledge and work is guided by his unique, values-driven view of enterprise. Rick Goossen is an entrepreneur for all seasons. " -  Larry C. Farrell is Chairman of The Farrell Company, “the world's leading firm for researching and teaching entrepreneurship" and author of The New Entrepreneurial Age

“I am pleased to commend Richard Goossen’s Volume 5 of Entrepreneurial Leaders: Reflections on Faith at Work, and the preceding volumes, as groundbreaking research as to how the Christian faith is applied in an entrepreneurial context. Goossen is uniquely suited to this task due to his rare combination of entrepreneurial experience and his academic pedigree, legal background and track record in starting companies. His faithful presence commends his writing and thinking both.”  Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, Chairman & CEO of The Roosevelt Group and Research Professor, Yale University

“Dr. Richard J. Goossen represents an unusual combination of academics and entrepreneurial expertise. His understanding of entrepreneurship reflects not only the extent of his research but his practical experience in a variety of commercial and cultural contexts. I commend it [Entrepreneurial Leaders: Reflections on Faith at Work, Vol. 4] warmly.” Dr. Peter S. Heslam, Transforming Business, Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University

“I commend Richard Goossen’s work [Entrepreneurial Leaders: Reflections on Faith at Work, Vol. 3] because of what he represents as both a practicing businessperson and academic professor. He is himself an entrepreneur; he knows what he is talking about from experience. Yet he is also a careful student, well-read in a variety of areas including marketplace theology….We need individuals who can straddle the two worlds, who can speak the language both of the boardroom and the classroom. Such people are rare, but Richard Goossen is one of them. He understands what is necessary to run a successful business, and at the same time is mindful of the disciplines of serious academic research.” Dr. Richard Higginson, Ridley Hall Foundation, Cambridge, UK

 “I wanted you to know that everyone was very positive and uplifted by the message you shared. They found your testimony centered upon “The Call to the Marketplace: Passion, Purpose & Priorities” one of encouragement and motivation. It was applicable and meaningful to us all—either as we reflect back on our life journey or as we follow our passions and purposes today knowing God is sovereign.” Ron Harry, Coordinator, Men’s Breakfast, Coquitlam Presbyterian Church, Coquitlam, BC

“With a presentation that exuded passion for thinking about and doing business in a way shaped his Christian faith, he challenged and stimulated those of us who had the privilege of attending. Dr. Goossen is a valuable resource for the church as it deals with what it means to be followers of Christ in our daily work, including the field of business.” Dr. Gerald Gerbrandt, President, Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, MB

“Rick Goossen is passionate about helping Christian men and women rethink how they do business for Christ’s sake. His presentation style will be familiar to professionals and business leaders. The message is clear: God’s call on our lives is all-encompassing. Our work life is simply one part of that larger fabric of who and what God calls us to be in the world.” John H. Unger, Senior Pastor, Fort Garry MB Church, Winnipeg, MB

“Rick Goossen is an entrepreneur's entrepreneur! He lives it, breathes it, and now tells it like it is! This book [Entrepreneurial Excellence, Career Press, 2007] is essential reading for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, but is the must-read book for aspiring or practicing entrepreneurs. In an ever more crowded bookshelf on the subject, this book stands out because Rick Goossen stands out as the real thing!” - Dr. Richard W. Oliver is a CEO, an entrepreneur, a business school professor at Cornell and Vanderbilt universities, has served on six corporate boards and is author of six management books

Rick Goossen has studied entrepreneurship by practicing it in North America, and by living among some of the world's most instinctive entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. He has also thought hard about its nature, and this book [Entrepreneurial Excellence, Career Press, 2007] reflects both those analyses and those experiences.” - Gordon Redding is Director, Euro Asian Research Centre, INSEAD, France, Professor Emeritus at the University of Hong Kong and Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester, U.K.

 “If you want to achieve enduring success in business and in life, and you want to do it your way, you must read this book [Entrepreneurial Excellence, Career Press, 2007]. Rick Goossen is an entrepreneur who is constantly driven to create new business ideas. And he has an amazing track record of success, as a lawyer, journalist, author, university teacher, and corporate financier. In this book, he blends his own unique insights with the wisdom of the world's foremost experts on entrepreneurship to show others how to take the world by storm.” - Michael Alexander is an author, business consultant, media commentator, and professional public speaker.

 "Rick Goossen has compiled the great thinking of entrepreneurship experts in a handy volume [Entrepreneurial Excellence, Career Press, 2007] that should be read by every entrepreneur looking to grow and finance a company on Wall Street." - Terry Murphy, Managing Director, Rodman & Renshaw, New York City